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Chemmy Alcott training

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Chemmy Alcott will be training with the Norwegian World Cup Team for the coming year, but will represent Great Britain at the Olympics:

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This is a strange and sad situation but not entirely unprecedented. Konrad Bartelski who remains GB's best finishing World Cup skier with a 2nd place in the downhill at Val Gardena in 1980 had to take refuge by representing The Netherlands when funding was removed.


Ironically Chemmy will probably benefit from her move but it's diabolical the way funding is arranged in the UK. Basically there is no interest in supporting alpine racing. That said the fact that athletes like Chemmy but more so Dave Ryding have had any success is remarkable and makes you wonder how good they might be with some decent backing.

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The situation is not all that unusual. Chemmy has been pretty much solo and was training with the Canadians before, and the Norwegians also often train with the Canadians as well. The big difference is that she is now "contracting" with the Norwegian team rather than just partnering up. Canada's Larisa Yurkiw is in the same situation when Canada dropped support for a women's speed team this season. Money is tight and you are only as good as your last result these days and unfortunately good athletes get dropped like hot rocks as soon as they aren't performing (In Chemmy and Larisa's case due to injuries).

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i'm all for "supporting" national teams but the results must at least show some chance of happening, i can't speak for Chemmy but someone mentioned the canadian team so here goes...

it seems from my experience that in Canada the goal is to make "the team" once that happens you are pretty much much guaranteed a spot until you are injured or quit

in any given year Alpine Canada will trumpet "best year ever" or something and then claim x number of podiums or a championship medal....


big whoop, in that same year (every year) the top three individuals overall in the WC standings (and discipline standings) will have scored more points than the entire canadian team in both genders respectively (some years its top two some years its the top 6 or 7)

what justifies the expense of sending athletes and support staff around the world numerous times a year on competitive ski holidays for little or no return?

some of my best friends work the team, i know athletes that i tuned for while they were up and comers, i really like the idea of a national team

but just throwing money at something hoping for results hasn't worked in the past so wht would it work now?


the sooner alpine skiing goes the way of golf, moto-x, car racing and/or tennis the better it is an individual sport and should be run that way...

better for everyone, fans, athletes, manufacturers and the sport

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