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I picked up the 2011 K2 AMP Rictor 181 (with the integrated Marker MX 12.0 bindings) and 2013 Salomon Quest 110 at an REI garage sale (aka the "Dent and Scratch" sale).


I'm 27, 6', 215 lbs (typically closer to 205), advanced snowboarder, haven't been on skis since I was 7 years old (and even then probably only two or three times max). I am reasonably athletic, am comfortable with speed generally, and have decent terrain recognition long as the light's good.


My questions really boil down to: 1) Are the skis size appropriate for me? and 2) do I have any business riding this set-up at my nonexistent skill level? Being so new to the sport, I have no idea how aggressive these things are relative to other skis and I'm not at a point where I can decipher the marketing copy. I got a smoking deal on the whole package, but it doesn't count for a whole lot if I get wrecked my first time up on the hill.


I have no idea what my goals are as a skiier. As a snowboarder, I'm pretty aggressive with a penchant for bombing groomers, alternating between straight lines and hard carves. I'm in the glades and hiking lines if the snow is good enough. I don't hit anything really bigger than a 25 foot jump. I hit the occasional box and rail, but nothing super technical. I'd say carving ability, stability, and powder performance are my primary concerns.. 
As a snowboarder, I'm a weekend warrior who averages probably 25 days a year, more like 30-40 in a good year. I expect most of my days will be on a snowboard with skiing as more of a side project, so I'm not sure how much time I'll have to grow into it. Although who knows, maybe skiing will surprise me and take over my winter playtime.

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