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Should I just buy another pair of orange Tecnica boots?

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I've been happy in orange Tecnica's for longer than I can remember.  My first pair were the TNT's that literally exploded on me.  Even after that, I stuck with the brand because the boot fits.  I've been through four pair of orange Tecnica's.   These are my latest, longest lived, and most loved:



I'm slowly coming to the realization I can't stretch them out one more year.   I have about six year old custom insoles that I love, and I've never needed any additional work done on these.  They are tight so I unbuckle on the lift or else my feet will hurt.  I was professionally fit for my first pair, and reconfirmed on these when I had new insoles made.  I had two of the previous boots ground out to make them a little wider, but I've been happy with the fit of these if I unbuckle (thus the trashed buckles).


Buying boots has always been easy for me: get some orange Tecnica's in 304 bsl.  Well, now they make a couple different orange boots, the Inferno 130 and the Demon 130, and neither has a 304 bsl.


My questions: 

  • Should I go through a whole boot fitting process, or just buy some orange Tecnica's?
  • I'm thinking the Demon 130 would be better since my foot is wider, or should I stick with the last I've been in forever (assuming the Inferno is the same last)?
  • What's the equivalent of the 304 bsl in these new boots?


Some considerations:

  • I LOVE my boots and really don't want new boots, arg!
  • I'm afraid I'll have to re-learn how to ski if my boots are not orange Tecnica's.
  • I'm going to be forking out for my wife to go through a full-on boot fitting for new boots this year, so I'm leaning toward doing mine on the cheap.



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I would recommend going thru the fit process again. Your orange Tecnica's do not fit like the current orange Tecnica's. You got many happy years out of your professionally fitted boot. That speaks for itself. The Demon series fits totally different from your Icon series. A good foot assessment should tell you if the Demon series is compatible. Have your wife go thru the same fit process t will only help her and keep her on the hill longer. Good Luck,,,,

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Thanks BurgMan.  I'm definitely going to have my wife go through the whole fit process.  Funny how my day is impacted by how her feet feel smile.gif


And thank you to everyone who PMed me.  I should have put this in the ski gear forum, as I got a lot of fantastic advice from folks who can't post here.  Thanks!


So... I made a boot purchase!  I found a pair of very low mileage boots like mine on ebay.  Hopefully they will buy me a year or two to figure out my next boot.  I'll also probably get Intuition liners from Larry in Boulder when he does my wife's boots.


I found out that the 304 bsl in my current boots is size 26/26.5 (barely readable tag on liner).   In the new Tecnica's 26/26.5 is 310 bsl per this chart (from here):



Question: when the Tecnica 26/26.5 grew from 304 to 310 bsl, did the inside grow along with the sole, or did they just lengthen the sole?

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