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Upgrade to Atomic 9.18's

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I am 40 years old, about 240 pounds and would call myself an Advanced Intermediate Skier here in the East. I am looking to upgrade from my Atomic 9.18's which are about 4 years old. I have been looking and reading and thinbk I have it narrowed to 3 ski's: the Fischer RX8, the Head Monster IM75, and the Volkl Supersport 5 Star. All would be in the 160 -170 size range.

Please pass along any and all opinions, watch out points, or other suggestions?

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Dave is that you?
E-zap me mtnsportspaul@hotmail.com
I will give you my phone# and maybey I can help you out.
(I work at razor tune/northsports on RT-23)
And also work at H.V.
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what does that mean?
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gonzostrike, he wants a better ski.

You may want to go a bit longer. You may want to look at skis with a 70cm waist up to 77cm waist. There are a lot of great skis out there. You will need to demo. I like the Volkl G3/AX3. Good all mountain ski. I ski here in the east also. There are so many good skis it's is difficult to tell you which you will like. Look throught other post on this site and read all the info there. Just remember to demo, demo, demo. Decide if your going to ski only groomers or ski everything, even stuff not on the trail maps. Find a good shop in your area or at the mountain you ski at most of the time and talk with them. If you ski around Okemo or Killington VT, PM me and will help you out.

Demo, Demo, Demo,
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Originally posted by gonzostrike:

what does that mean?
You've never upgraded your wife??
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My opinion is you're looking for too short a ski. I would think you should be looking at 180 cm or a little more.
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my opinion is that you're caught up in Madison Avenue's vision of what needs to occur in our materialist society.

suck it up and learn to ski, then get better skis.

if you can't use the tool, don't get a new one. learn to use it.
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a few others:

Head iM70 (70mm)
Stockli SpiritFree (67mm)

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I am not sure that I would consider any of those skis an "upgrade" to the 9:18. The 9:18 is one of the best skis around. However at your weight, and depending on your skiing style/ability, and the length of the skis, you might be overpowering them.

I agree with the above that (again at your weight) you will want to go over 180-185 depending on the ski.
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