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severe quad pain / fatigue skiing

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Hello Help Please

I have severe quad pain while skiing and I think it may be my boots or ski stance ?

I am 6'3" and 235lbs and have been skiing for about 7 years ( 3 to 4 weeks per season ) I am always in good shape for skiing.

I have a Nordic Speed machines 110 size 28.5 my foot size is 12.5US

Do you have any idea what might help me

Thanks in advance

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Hi fatal,


Your boot size sounds about right if your foot is a 12.5 (29cm long)


A 110 flex sounds a little soft for your weight and and height, a 130 would support you better at the apex of the turn under

G load compression.


What is the circumference of your calf muscle at the top of the liner---measure it and get back to us.


Could be a skill issue also.



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Thanks for Getting Back to me Mike


My calf Muscle at the top of the liner is 18.5 inches or 470mm


Many Thanks

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Hi again---


With your calf size---more than likely your quads will burn if you put your boots on and just stand around in them,

Add an athletic sport and the calories are really getting depleted.


Your boots need less forward lean too allow you to stand more erect in them.

Your knee is pushed so far forward that if you were to bring your COM over your knee(unload your quad) you will tip over to the front.


This can be addressed---we upright boots around here all the time for folks like yourself.


read the article that accompanies the above page.



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Thanks Again Mike


I am very grateful for your help.


I have read your reply and article and I think this could be the problem


I find it difficult to ski upright because there is too much forward lean

what will resolve this

I am in London England and unfortunately cannot avail of you service


I thought lifting the toe might be the solution??



Thanks Again

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Contact CEM (Colin Martin)in the "Who's who's in the boot guy's" wiki, he is set up with the tool and knowledge to help you.






Colin Martin

+44 (0)1869 244424

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thank you very much I will make contact with Colin 

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Dear Mike

Thank you very much for your help last year I went to see Colin and bought some new boots ( which he stretched at the back for me )


I have now skied for 3 weeks in the boots and they have made a big improvement.


Thanks again for your help I really appreciate it.


Best Regards


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Great-----Thumbs Up .



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