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First time skiing Banff

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I've rented a condo in Canmore for two weeks in late February-early March, 2014.  My plans are to ski Sunshine Village and Lake Louise.  I am looking for any advice about the area, discount lift tickets and any mountain info.  I would also like to know where to hang out in Canmore.  Where to go for happy hour and where to go for dinner. Thanks for your help !!!

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Why'd you rent in Canmore? Looks like a cool town on its own, but it's twice as far from skiing as Banff itself. My advice would be to change that to Banff or Lake Louise so that you're close to one of the resorts. Lake Louise is gorgeous and kind of secluded, while Banff is more of a legitimate ski town. 

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Canmore looks like it has plenty to do and I don't think the extra 10 or 15 minute drive will kill me.   Thanks

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If you haven't already, can click on the tags (right column under Topics Discussed) for the related resorts to quickly get to the EpicSki resorts page.  You'll find reviews and related threads there.  Or can do a directed Google search something like "Banff:".


Have fun!

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Canmore is a great place to stay.  It is just outside the park gates.  Everything is a little cheaper than in Banff.  Lots of good restaurants and just a few minutes from Banff main street.  Dont forget you will need a park pass to enter Banff National Park.  You can get it at the main gates.

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I do get a park pass with my condo rental.  Nice bonus.  Thanks

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