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TRX from a wheel chair

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You know I'm a big fan of High Fives, in part because of the amazing work they do and in part because they support winter sports athletes who suffer life altering injuries......and lets face it, we're all winter sports athletes, so it hits close to home. 


Check out this TRX for adaptive athletes!

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I love the TRX for everyone, but for those who have limitations it opens doors to training options that would otherwise be impossible. I used to have an above knee amputee runner client and the TRX was amazing for her: particularly for inverted rows, and using them to build up to single leg squats.  


Similarly, I start obese clients with TRX supported squats (to a plyo box) and work them up to bodyweight squats. One of my favourite uses of the TRX is for seniors for whom we do TRX assisted single leg Romanian deadlifts - so amazing for building the posterior chain, core stability, and balance.   


And for eveyone, the TRX brings bodyweight options for training the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, and back muscles) that are otherwise tricky to do without going to the gym, meaning most bodyweight training programs involve more anterior chain (quads and chest) which is not a great option for those who have desk jobs. The TRX gives an anywhere training option that provides a balanced workout. 


In case it wasn't clear: I'm a big fan! 



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