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My Story from Michigan

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I have suffered OA for nearly 20 years and am nearly 50. I as well as another thread was a skater back in the day, and would not have given it up for anything.... I had seen a Rheumatologist for a number of years but just did not make time for this over the last 4-5 years, he did say when things got unbearable he would refer me to a orthopedic surgeon for fusion or something. I have had several  cortisone shots over the years and gained about 75 pounds (way too sad on my part) I eat when I am in pain, unfortunately I have been in a lot of pain over the years, not only did I have very large bone spurs at the base of the big toe where one would have a bunion, I also had 0 cartilage in both big toes. I say did because I had surgery today!


Five weeks ago a blessing in disguise occurred, I fractured a foot and landed at a foot surgeon, by the way I made an appointment with him about 8 years ago but was too busy to do anything about it.. I also know 3 people who have had very successful surgeries from him and he is very well known!


At the fracture appointment he showed me the bone spurs and the toes on the X-rays - his first question was how long have you been in pain. I really could not put my finger on the answer because it has been so long!


Today I arrived at 6 am and was wheeled into surgery by 7:05 am, for removal of the bone spurs, and some bone removal in the big toes and implants. I believe it is ceramic and metal, was not concerned just wanted it done.....


Because I have OA and have a few small spurs on other bones I did not want he fusion as there is a better range of motion with he implant and I was more fearful of other bone issues with having the fusion...


Two hour surgery, an hour in recovery with an extra numbing shot to ease the pain for the journey home and a script for pain meds.  We happen to have a lift chair in the family and I am icing every 2 hours keeping the feet elevated.


Why 2Toes - well I have found every reason to put this off and tolerate the pain, I have 4 weeks of vacation, sick and personal time that I have to use by June 30 what better way to do so... I loaded the bench with some work items, books to read, music and dvds...


I will share again - whether or not I feel I made the right decision...

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Welcome to EpicSki.  I'm assuming you found us because of Bob Peter's thread about his toe fusion.  

Heal well and keep in touch.  These kind of threads have a positive message and a tremendous amount of support.

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Good luck, hope you have a speedy recovery and keep up posted.  Hang in there.

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