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Crystal mountain

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Green Valley is still open , Someone posted a thread about mountain snow report advertising  , Crystal mountain personnel did a great job , Of ....  Posting Saturdays picture on sunday [Today] The mountain was foggy , Before I went up this morning , I sort of wondered why the date on the Picture of gold hills was dated yesterday , when I got there , I suddenly realized what that post about mountain advertising was about , The mountain was very foggy , If they would of posted todays pic , I would not have come up ,however , I made a few runs down Snorting elk . there was less fog , It was slush ice , Not really wet , It was ok to ski it , Better than not skiing , .I think the year is pretty much wrapped up at crystal Unless they get some snow right before next weekend , I think I will hang it up for the year ,

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Well, being that June 8th is the closing date, seems they predicted the end of their season pretty well. smile.gif
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No!  According to their website (  ) there's no change in the closing date of June 16.




See you up there this Sunday (and Saturday if I can get the day off).  It looks like we're in another corn-building week!






How well you are able to ski is related to how hard you are willing to fall.

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Really !  Well If I go . My Green Jeeps says , Hardwood floors on it , Feel free to say Hi , My son is 13and has dyed his hair red , But it went pink,

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Probly will be skiing on old rossi B4 , Rock ski's

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You two should beb easy to find if no one wears a hat!  .  If I can talk my crew into a day  of lift skiing I'll be sure to introduce myself.


Going ot be a nice weekend!

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I'll be there on Sunday, too.
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Hooray!  I got the day off and expect to ski both days.


I'd be pleased to greet anyone from Epic, and I'm easy to find in a ski crowd:  I'm too old to wear the bright turquoise pants that I wear.





How well you are able to ski is related to how hard you are willing to fall.

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Umm.... that kinda sounds like me, too smile.gif
Although if it's warm and sunny I may go with something other than winter ski clothing.
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Yesterday (Sunday) was definitely the last day of the year for me.

First thing in the morning the snow was slushy and grippy. It only got worse as they day wore on. A few rocks to dodge, not to mention the creek holes of doom in the middle of the moguls at the narrow funnel of snow on the Snorting Elk side. I was done at 1:00, then we had a leisurely lunch at the Summit restaurant.

But it was fun. On to summer....
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We skied the Snort chutes over and over.  Fun!    Skied from the summit of Rainier today on a quick early morning freeze.  Amazing corn from Ingraham Flats down.   Like skiing a golf course into the Nisqually chutes.

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Crystal Mountain 50 Year History



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