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I road bike a lot, over 4,000 miles for a year - I skied over 40 days last season, so that cuts down on my mileage total.

I was riding in late September and I hit a crack in the road going over 20 miles per hour. I knew where the crack was, but somehow when I approached it, my rear tire went flat. I skidded for 10 to 15 feet, and I cracked my Giro Eclipse helmet when I did a four-point spill (knee, elbow, shoulder, and head).

Here in Texas, motorcycle riders don't have to put on a helmet. The helmet repeal law was sponsored by Republic state legislators about four years ago. It boggles my mind that motorcycle riders could be that stupid.

That said, if a bicycle has a motor vehicle crash, wearing a helmet would not protect him, not if the vehicle was at speed.

Skiing through trees, chutes, gullies, rock formations, hucking cliffs, etc. I think you would need a strong full-face helmet.
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I wear a full face helmet and all the body armor that Moto Cross riders wear when I Down Hill mountian bike. I have often thought about wearing the some of the same protection skiing trees. I do wear a helmet skiing and have for over 7 years.
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I was a helmet hold out until about a year ago. Like Beta-racer I would rather use common sense than rely on the brain bucket for protection, but my helmet is warmer than all the hats I tried, just as comfortable (I forget I have it on) and my goggles fit and stay in place better. It does come in handy for the clods that pull the bar down on your head.
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My review:

Briko Forerunner World Cup - I love it. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
[img]smile.gif[/img] Ventilation isn't a big deal to me; my friends think I'm hermatically sealed because I don't sweat profusely.
[img]smile.gif[/img] My helmet doesn't itch like all hats do.
[img]smile.gif[/img] It keeps my noggin warm on the coldest, snowiest days.
[img]smile.gif[/img] I always ski in contacts and goggles; I think goggles work better with my helmet than a hat.
[img]smile.gif[/img] I wear a helmet on my bicyles, motorcycle, skis, snowboard; I know better. I'm accident prone.

A couple thoughts on buying a helmet:

  • Buying a helmet is just like buying ski boots; buy the helmet that best fits your head.</font>
  • You would not go skiing or snowboarding without your boots - would you? Make it a habit to wear your helmet; otherwise your bitchin new helmet will spend it's days protecting your gear bag.</font>
  • Unlike me, if you are one of those people that perspire (I'm told that women "dew".), be sure to get a helmet with plenty of ventilation.</font>
  • Plagiarized from an old Bell helmets ad and my new tag line:
    If you have a $10 head, buy a $10 helmet.</font>
Ski well and stay safe,

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Another good point for helmets. When tree skiing in the east, they come in handy for breaking small branches on trees. Believe me it's better then using a body part, or your face.

My new Beori Myto Switch is warmer then my old Myto. I have taken the vent covers out and that seemed to help with cooling.

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The December Consumer Reports rated helmets. Rather than get involved with their copyright, I refer you to them. One major manufacturer had one helmet rated Not Recommended and another Not Acceptable. The report seemed to show they did some pretty good testing plus they gave some pretty good advice.

By the way, even though the Giro ads may tell you to ski like a dummy, the instruction manual advises exactly the opposite, saying don't take added chances just because you've got a helmet.

And another by the way, I seemed to fit somewhat closer to L than XL, but when I stuck on a balaclava, the L was too small. Point being, if your likely to wear gear in addition to the helmet, bring it along during fitting. Since I ski at Wildcat, where Really Cold is "balmy" for them, I figured the balaclava.

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Originally posted by Gill:
I have to agree with BetaRacer. It kills be to hear the Giro adds for bike helmets. "Courage for your head". ARRRRGGGHHH!!!

This mentality just encourages folks to strap on a helmet and do something stupid because of a mistaken conception that they are now invunerable to head injury.
Just for the record, when people hit trees while skiing, the chances of dieing from a broken neck are far greater than those of dieing from a head injury.

Helmets protect you against certain types of injuries, but they are far from a panacea.
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I tried to start a new topic regarding helmets but the forum is not responding.

Consumer Reports tested helmets by chilling them and dropping them from six and three quaters feet.

Boeri Axis Rage .... "high gloss" models failed the test, shattering into large sharp fragments. Additionly, the retention rings that hold the straps failed.
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A lot of people are talking about a helmet being advantageous in more extreme skiing, or big mountain skiing. I ski small crowded eastern hills. I have been hit, and near missed more times than I can count over the years. I have seen several of my friends end up with concusions from skier collisions. I wear a brain bucket these days. Just figure I'll do all I can to protect myself.
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I bought a Giro 9 for this year. My next-to-last ski day last year ended after an early run in which I took a nasty fall in 11 inches of new snow. I hit the back of my head on the slope so hard that I gave myself a mild concussion. In almost a FOOT of powder. The thought of what would have happened on hardpack (or even groomed) converted me pretty quickly.

I actually had already been shopping a lot for a helmet, but by the time I figured out which model in which size, everyone was out of stock. As I had never hit my head or had a collision skiing before, the purchase of the helmet was not an urgent matter. I knew I'd get around to it, etc etc. Boy, I certainly did after that.
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