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Wow... Just wow. This is scary, ridiculous, and beautiful.

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Andrea Franssen in Patagonia


Amazing stuff... And we think we're all gnarly and stuff.
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I saw that sometime ago, this he absolutely amazing it's by far the best ski mountaineer/backcountry guru around, at least among the ones we hear about! It's just amazing what he is able to do, not to speak the stuff he's been doing after his accident in Chamonix.

It's worth following him on facebook, twitter and his blog!
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Net. Personally I haven't found it necessary to ski with two ice climbing ice axes, but the stuff I ski is a little bit easier.wink.gif

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I meant neat.

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This line was featured in one of the recent Powder mags I believe.  Awesome to see the vid of the descent, absolutely crazy.

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The exposure beginning around 5:00 is grip-city. I wuz puckered.
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I remember the Powder mag photo. Listed photographer in corner and, above it just stated holyf$&@ingsh*t, or similar. Sums it up nicely. I showed the pic to my wife who echoed the printed statement. :-)
Fransson is the man, no doubt
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Crazy, def not my type of skiing, but huge respect for even thinking about skiing that!

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It's about climbing, not skiing, but the current New Yorker has an article about Ueli Steck and the everest fiasco that talks about the pressures on people who climb for a living are under to perform, and the same thing applies to skiing. Of course, no one makes these guys do it, and I'm sure they enjoy what they were doing and would do the same stuff if they had trust funds.

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Oh wow! 

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That pretty well sets the curve!

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Not often you see someone getting cliffed out on purpose!  I'll pass on that mission.

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"It's about climbing, not skiing"


I'll disagree with that comment.  It isn't climbing and it isn't even solo climbing.  It is some very serious, no fall, skiing.


A good many of these lines are pretty casual climbing by modern standards, roped or un-roped.  Skiing them?  You got to be chittng me.


Dropping into the South face of Denali to ski a route you haven't climbed is so far past anything called "climbing" that it has no descriptor that I know of.

If you have ever dropped into a short no fall line, not knowing where it will lead or how, will give you a tiny, ever so tiny, bit of perspective. 




Colin (who is a damn good skier himself and solos things most haven't/won't) does a nice write up on a trip with Fransson here:




some perspective?


"In the end, he came away from a 700m fall with a swollen elbow! I had already felt that extreme skiing was much more dangerous than climbing, and although the outcome of the incident was benign it was an eye-opener to me of how serious even a "via normale" of extreme skiing can be."  Colin Haley




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