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South America 2013 - Weather, conditions, Stoke

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After some minor snow events earlier this month, a huge storm hit most resorts in central Andes during the last couple of days.


Places like Portillo and Las Lenas got around 1.5 - 2 feet of snow, with very low freezing levels.

Valle Nevado and El Colorado reported almost 2.5 feet this morning.

Nevados de Chillan, usually one of the snowiests resorts is South America got hit pretty strong as well.


All the way south, in Ushuaia, Cerro Castor is already getting it's frequent small dumps, and things look cold enough to produce some man made snow as well.


These are some of the opening dates for SA this season:


El Colorado May -31th

Las Lenas - June 20th

Castor - June 20th

Portillo - June 22th


Another storm is supposed to bring 10 inches to Valle Nevado / Las Lenas / Portillo, and up to a foot to Nevados the Chillan this Friday.


I'm planning a trip to Ushuaia later in the season, never been there, hopefully work won't be an obstacle to skiing!

Anyone planning a trip to the Andes this season?


Here are some pictures from resorts social media:


Portillo this morning:








Valle Nevado getting dumped:



Valle this morning:





Las Lenas:



Las Lenas:





Base of Nevados de Chillan, yesterday:




Chillan this morning:



another from Chillan:


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Northen Andes got a few more inches over the weekend, and Valle Nevado is opening for the season next Saturday-06/08.

It's an early opening for Valle Nevado standards... Well it's still pretty early, but way better than last couple of years during the same period.
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Spending 9 weeks in Catedral, cannot wait.

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Cerro Catedral today. Looks pretty good!! 


The snow finaly came to the base.



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It's tipping down rain in Santiago and the road to Portillo is shut. Hopefully be able to get up there this evening/tomorrow and post some shots.
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Valle Nevado reported 2 feet today at base level!
They got almost 1 foot about a week ago.


It's looking pretty good in central Andes.

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Originally Posted by Thiago View Post

Valle Nevado reported 2 feet today at base level!
They got almost 1 foot about a week ago.


It's looking pretty good in central Andes.

NASTC Tahoe is planning a ski clinic in Portillo.  They posted this to entice more sign ups.

When was the last time Ski Portillo had 71 inches of base this early in the season? 


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Anyone down in catedral? How is it looking? I'm heading down in a few days
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Here's a shot showing how much snow Portillo has had in the last week. Amazing to be back up here. 


If anyone is keen to see more Portillo this year, I'll be trying to update my blog at least twice a week this season and the first post went up today, find it at  www.jameswinfield.tumblr.com

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

NASTC Tahoe is planning a ski clinic in Portillo.  They posted this to entice more sign ups.

When was the last time Ski Portillo had 71 inches of base this early in the season? 


Yep, Portillo and "nearby" resorts are known as hit or miss destinations regarding snow conditions. tI can be epic, but also can be bone dry.

Tony Crocker may keep track of past winters average snow deep in Portillo, but fact is that the last few years were not epic at all...

This winter looks like they already have a very solid base.

August should be even better!

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The conditions are actually pretty similar to this time last year, I think last year may have actually been better, it's been a little warm this week, but there's still some good snow to be had. Quite cloudy right now, and a little snow on the forecast so fingers crossed. 

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Cerro Catedral is Dumping !!!


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Coming down steadily in Portillo, hopefully get some ski shots as tomorrow is my first day off. 


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Looking forward to hearing about your day on the slopes popcorn.gif

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The 161 inches season-to-date at Portillo is excellent considering that the long term annual average is 254 inches.  I'm not so sure how widespread the bounty is as Las Lenas and the Valle Nevado group reprt base depths in the 50cm range.

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Seems like another storm hit the northern part of the Andes in the last 48h,

Valle Nevado got 2 feet and Portillo got 1 feet of fresh snow. Portillo still claims to have a deeper base though.








All the way south, Ushuaia and Cerro Castor got 1+foot of snow in the last few days




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The only place I've seen this report is on Unofficial Networks. 

8 Injured in Chairlift derailment at Argentine Ski Resort

Is there news of this in your part of the world? 

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I saw about this sad accident about a week ago on Catedral's facebook page. (It happened on the 12th)

Apparently, the Resort claims that this chairlift was inspected and running according to all the rules... they blame 60mph wind gusts for the derailment.


Well, Patagonia is one of the windiest places on Earth, so maybe they should double check their inspection procedures... but I guess it may happen anywhere.


Some Argentinian news about the incident:





this one has a small video:


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The strongest cold snap in more than a decade brought snow to Southern Brasil.

About 80 towns/citys registered snow in the last 24h. Tomorrow is supposed to be colder but drier.



It may look like Chile, but it's Florianópolis this morning.

At 27ºS, snow almost stuck at see level.


I'm sure Brazil would have some sick terrain... during the last ice age Ott+Wedeln.gif



A bit higher, the Atlantic Rain Forest was covered with snow...


It will all be gone in a couple of days...th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Portillo website today 7/24:


Snow fall to date 155.9 inches
Snow depth Hotel 41.3 inches
Snow depth at base of Plateau 49.6 inches
Snow depth at base of Juncalillo 32.3 inches
Snow last 24 hours 0 inches
Snow last 48 hours 0 inches
Snow last 7 days 12.2 inches
Current snow conditions Groomed


Go figure, season to date total is lower than 3 weeks ago.  And this is from the South American area that does the best job of reporting.  At any rate base depths are lower than a month ago.  And Las Lenas base depths remain in the 50cm range.   These are not good numbers for late July.


New Zealand base depths have not increased during July either but they are still better than in South America for now.

Edited by Tony Crocker - 7/24/13 at 4:59pm
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Although it's currently crap (downloading from sextupplet), Bariloche is expecting about 3ft from saturday afternoon til monday, with more snow and temperatures dropping during the week.
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Holy Cow, this looks like a big one. 




The forecast is showing up to 86 cms (34 inches) of snow falling at Catedral between now and Wednesday with pretty non-stop action.
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It's coming.

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Managed to get up Catedral for a bit of avi training this morning/lunch and about 4" had fallen (two of the bottom chairs were open at about 10am), maybe a little more. Stuff's very wet at the bottom, but any coverage is better than what we've had for the past 10 days.


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So I have been rubbish at updating my blog as I have been more or less non stop with classes for the last 3 weeks, and when I did ski, I didn't want to stop to use a camera. However, I should be getting some more shots and content as I have this week off to go compete in the Chilean freesking champs over in El Colorado, and the forecast is for a tonne of snow 2 days before, so hopefully it'll be great. 


Right now, the snow here is Portillo is solid, so I hope we do get that storm as I don't fancy hucking myself to hardpack. 

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Good luck, Jim.

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First day in Farrelones/Colorado, the snow is rough, but forecast to get better



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So I just finished up the qualifying day here in El Colorado, conditions were amazing, can't say how I did as the stream is just starting on powdermag.com I ran number 52
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