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Are the Volkl G31 preferred over G3

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I gather that the main difference between these two skis is that the G31 is stiffer than the G3. I think the sidecut is the same. What are the pros and cons to each. I have to buy used to save some money so I am considering some of the older models for when I will be going to the swaps later this year. Is the G3 better at short turns than the G31? I was considering the 5 star ski but their used value is still a little high for me.

My current ski is Salomon superforce 2S which is way too forgiving and soft in the front for my taste. The superforce seem to do everthing decent but just don't challenge me at all and become boring to ski.
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The biggest difference between the G31 and G3 is in the tail. The G3 has a much more pronounced arc in the tail which allows it to hold turns much better. On the other hand, the G31 is easier to release from a turn and easier to skid the tails around. Which ski is better depends on what you typically ski and your technique. If you ski hard, groomed snow the G3 is better. If you ski narrow steeps or lots of moguls you might prefer the G31.
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Originally posted by Nathan:
My current ski is Salomon superforce 2S...
Not So Late Breaking News...

The mass marketing of "shaped skis" began around 1996.

Now that we have that clear, we can proceed. You ask a very subjective question. As a former owner of G31's, I can guarantee that both the G31's and G3 are far superior to your current Sallies. Forget construction (which differs dramatically), the G3's are slightly softer and have a bit more sidecut...as has been communicated.

I do think that some people have gotten the wrong idea by seeing G3's floating around for cheap. In my opinion, it isn't that folks are clinging to their G31's, but rather that people are stepping up to G4's and other bigger sticks. Anyhow, get a G3 for cheap, or do yourself one better and get really current with a 724 Pro.
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As a long time Volkl G30, G31, G3 and now AX3. I like the G3 in the bumps better then the G31. The G3 made an amazing difference in my bump skiing. I have talked in other threads about that. I bought 01/02 G3's this past Feb.03. I have AX3's waiting for good snow this coming season. I have demo'ed the AX3 and liked it for that limited time. I have the AX3 7cm's shorter the my 177cm G3's, my 30 and 31's were 178cm. I find the G3 to be my choice of all mountain ski. I have noticed that a lot of follow race team parents are on them also. You may have a had time finding them in your lenght unless you want long one's, like the 30 and 31 they are hard to find.

Good Luck,
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