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Ski North Korea?

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Probably hoping to entertain these guys there..


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Crowds probably won't be a concern.

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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post

Crowds probably won't be a concern.

Hahaha.. First answer to every "where should I go on Spring Break/President's Day to avoid the crowds?" thread..

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And for cutting the lines on a  powder days... 10 years of hard labor... 

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I bet their avy control is really gonna suck..


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So I'm guessing ducking the ropes there isn't something advised? 

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"And for cutting the lines on a  powder days... 10 years of hard labor..." ROTF.gif


In spite of the tech advancement out there... I think it's preferable to not carry your (spy!!) GoPro to the slopes.

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Nor your (targeting) beacon.

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A first-hand "review" of the facilities complete with pictures.  Despite needing to play nice with the regime, you can read a lot in between the lines of the Koryo Tours write-up here.


That is January snow? Wow.


This is going to be the largest ski area anywhere or whatever the propaganda was? Looks like Pennsylvania. With less snow. I would think the whole peninsula thing would dump a pretty good amount of the white stuff (similar to Japan)? Maybe this is near the China border and inland?


That hotel is only 120 rooms? Looks gaudy and comically oversized.


That pool could be the creepiest thing I have ever seen. It also looks straight out of 1960. I also notice no Jacuzzi, but you can make a Jacuzzi out of the kiddie pool? Erm....


Double chair. That's how you know they are building a world class resort. I can imagine how much fun the projected 5000 people are going to have waiting in line for the Chinese FGD.

This line could be the most ominous helmet warning ever. Leaving a word like "trouble" undefined in a place like North Korea makes you wonder how close you are to the camps.


Wearing a helmet is a requirement and this is included in the ski gear rental, knowing your ability level and acting responsibly though are also important when here, Skiing is great fun but can also be quite dangerous, and any visitors should definitely be sure to go carefully and make the most of their visit, not simply go to the hardest run and potentially get in some trouble.


Finally, I love the last picture showing the single car (Daewoo?) with a traffic guard/cop standing at attention.

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