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 I am Not a Glamorizing  Author ,But my Reports are easy to decipher ?    On Saturday We Arrived at 8:32 As I guessed  It was Icy In Green Valley ,I was using atomic Blackeye ski's with Yellow swix wax ,This was a good plan but the Ice wasn't  that good , But, was not so bad as to say I didn't have fun .At about 10 Am the snow began to soften   ,  The atomics are Ok In Soft snow/slush    so about 11 Am   My Son And I switched to Old Ebay Rossi B4 with One ball Jay Summer slush wax , we then Yelled out " Rock ski's " Turned left under the lift and had minimal remorse  about the un Avoidable rocks on the way to the inside part of snorting elk , There were minimum tracks , The One Ball Jay was An improvement in wax , so we skied Snorting elk a few times , Then went down the front .Which was soft almost slushy By 11;30 ish , However the one Ball jay was doing pretty good so we were able to make some fun runs  Right off Green valley lift , then left below the trees over to the cat track and one little jump Then straight down , When the Snow started sticking . At About 1pm ish , we left ,I noticed an exodus , I asked another skier on the gondola , which confirmed .....  It gets too sticky at about 1 pm , same report for Sunday, But it was tracked and froze in the morn ,The Immediate left hook under the lift to snorting elk was way too rocky , So I went right , everything was Just Average fun , Again we just wound up going down the front over a couple little jumps and to the lift , The lift line sunday was very short , we made a quite a few runs till I was out of gas , My 13 Year Old son of course had to keep making one more run while I waited at the loading area , Of the Two day trip..I would say the period right after the ice softened .10 Am till it got slushy  ,1 Pm    was well worth it !