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high volume AT boot

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Currently ski Technica dragons slayer in a traditional marker binding, but am interested in doing more backcountry. I have a wide foot with a pretty high arch and also cold sensitive. (love my foot warmers). So I am looking at AT boots and cannot decide - Dynafit vulcan, TLT6, blackdiamond quadrant, Scarpa maestrale RS. All of these are stiff AT boots that would be able to drive a wide powder ski (~120 underfoot) but still light enough to be good on a 1-2 hour trek.


Does any one here have insight into how wide-narrow these boots run??

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Bob lee pm'ed me since he doesn't post here but here is what he said:

I saw your post in Ask the Boot Guys, but I can't reply so I thought that I'd PM you my thoughts if you don't mind. I used to be a bootfitter in a backcountry ski shop. Anyway, if you have a high instep, you should be careful of the Scarpa Maestrale. I have a high instep and I could never get the Maestrale to be comfortable. It doesn't have a boot board, so I couldn't get enough instep volume.

Scarpa's Skookum has a high volume fit, and it's on sale on places like the site. And the Scarpa Mobe (a stiff boot) has a high volume fit and a boot board that you can take down for more room.

Of the three boots you mentioned in your post, the BD Quadrant is the most likely to accommodate a high-volume foot.
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