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time forFirst GS Ski

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It's that time again for new gear for my first year J4 daughter with 3 years of good J5 skiing under her belt. Last year she was on Volkl P50's 135cm, they should have enough steel to last another year. Our plan is to keep them and get a GS ski and begin using two pair. Her weight is 95 and height 4'11".

Here's the question, are we one the right track with two pair concept or are the new models side-cut worth getting a new SL ski instead. My thoughts are that two pair would begin to get her to focus on two different styles...?

Any thoughts on models...tow pair to one? I read about the new Volkel 2004 GS, not sure what Atomic will do?
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Dear FD,

I may not be the one to answer your one ski or two question; but, if you are interested, I do have some Volkl junior race skis available. Send me a PM and let me know.

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Two pair. No doubt about that one. At 100 pounds, don't go past the 150 mark even for GS.

If she has never skiied a long ski, there may be some temptation for her to want to go back to the 135 for GS, hopefully she will appreciate that bit of speed the longer ski will give her.
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A few thoughts:
1. Check with her coach first and have a dialog about her abilities and how well her equipment is working for her and what goals the coach may have for her this coming year....also check with your daughter and see if she has the same idea too!

2. Talk with the coach about the differences between J5 and J4 racing. Your comments did not indicate where you are from...but in Northern California the courses are set different for slalom for J4's (longer and more technical) than for the J5's and J4's get their first taste of SG.

3. My experience has been J5's can almost get by with a single event ski. The J4 level begins the equipment diffentiation stage for specialized events and usually requires 2 skis (GS and SL). By the time they are a J3's you will find that 3 skis are a minimum.

Bail out now, invest the money and you will be way ahead!
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I'd go with just the SL skis. I didn't have 2 pairs of skis until I was 16 and weighed 150 LBS.

If she's really good, get her 2 pairs when she weighs at least 120. I doubt she'd have the strength to get any benefits from a GS ski yet. I'm not saying she'd have trouble. I just think it's unnecessary.
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Thanks to all.
Lots of good info/insight. Perhaps I'll
just invest the money. You can always
make money in the market. I hear
DrCoop.com is a good buy...... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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