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PSA - Praxis Memorial Day Virtual Tent Sale

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Some sweet deals on some really nice skis if they have the size you want. As usual, I believe code EPIC gets an extra 10% off the listed website price.





For my .02, if the size is right, these 2012 Protests and Powder Boards are the answer to a whole lot of the frequently asked  "what powder ski should I get for a great price" type questions. IMO the 177 Protest and 180 Powder Board are fantastic powder skis for a whole lot of women... FWIW, my spouse if off globe-trotting with a pair of 177 Protests as I type this... I'd imagine the 163s would work well for smaller women and younger folks - but I have never seen them in action. Likewise, the 196 Protests would work well for much bigger guys (although - for full disclosure - at a bit over 200 pounds, I tend to prefer the sold out 187 day to day).


Obviously the Powder Boards are full reverse/reverse skis - but I'd hate to have that spot empty in my quiver... Both the Protest and PB from that year have a crazy tough UHMW top sheet (honestly my favorite material ever for that purpose). If you pull the trigger on either of these, I'd suggest mounting at the current mark, not the one punched on those skis. It was later moved forward 3cm on the Powders and I *think* 2cm or a shade more on the Protests. Anyway - check with Keith before mounting.


The Ullr has a much more limited tail rocker - so is a more carvy big mountainy powder oriented ski.  I've never skied the Chams, but I've been told, by way of comparison,  it is sort of fat Cham-ish in personality. 


Great designs. Bomber build. All are great deals. I'm attempting to suppress my hoarding genes.... smile.gif

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Oh man..that is painful.  GPO and  Protest on the way already.  The PB @ that price is sooooooo tempting.

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Time to update the 'Widest Ski in my Quiver' thread =)

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I'm glad they don't have the protest in a 187, or I'd be sorely tempted.  I told myself I'm not supposed to buy new skis this year as I blew my gear budget on new boots.  But wow, those are some smokin' deals on some awesome skis.

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I'm soooo tempted by the 183 MVP, but the ski storage space is already overflowing (and the yen is wilting) so just can't pull the trigger.

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