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2004 Volkl Supersports T50: 5 stars or 6?

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Hi all,

I've tried last year a pair of 5 stars and loved them! This year the 6 stars came out and gets rave reviews. Did anyone ski them? I've looked at a pair in the store and they're stiff and heavy. I'm quite light (weigh 160 lb.), fit and moderately aggressive. I ski mostly double diamonds, so I doubt the 6 stars would do me much good.

Sensitive input is much appreciated - I'm not interested in anything like "don't ski Volkl, but get XYZ instead" or anything similar.

Thanks a lot, eugen
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I to demoed, then bought the T50 5 stars last year. I was intrigued with the 6 stars, and demoed them this season (oz). I’m around 180 pounds and fairly aggressive, and the 6 stars absolutely ripped on the groomers, but even at my weight I thought they were toooo stiff for the rest of the mountain. I tried them in the 175 I think. For 95% of skiers, I believe the 5stars are more then enough.
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I have been told by my SS director (and Volkl rep) that the 6 star needs to be skied at 50mph all the time to get the performance out of it. It sounds to me like the majority of us don't need that.

I'm about your weight and a strong advanced skier. I too demoed the 5 star w/o motion last year. If I had only taken it on a couple of runs I would have sworn that they were the greatest skis ever created. But, I had them all day, and after lunch they were a different animal. When my legs got tired, the 5's punished me. I got sloppy, and was never so glad to see my P50 Platinums by the end of the day.

Moral.... for the majority of skiers the question should be choosing between the 4 star and the 5 star. I met 2 L3 certs who ski the 4 star for themselves because it's a little softer ski.
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Eastern Ski Bum,

I gather 50mph to be a bit of an exageration, yes?


If you ski double diamonds well - as opposed to survival mode - I think you would enjoy either the 5 Star or 6 Star. If, however, you are closer to survival mode, then I would recommend that you add the 4 Star Supersport to your list.

I am attaching some comments and a link to another post from this past March. You'll also see another link in the post that talks about the Volkl Supersports:


Originally posted by Inspector Gadget:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by CafeDelMar81:
How would you compare this to the 5 star? Ive heard the 6 star is not as much of an all mountain ski and doesnt fare too well in bumps. I've also heard its alot more demanding than the already pretty demanding 5 star. Is there any truth to these claims? Is there any one out the who has skied both and can give an honest and full comparison of the 2 skis?
For better or worse, much of this I have posted in other threads: http://www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultim...c;f=7;t=000336

No, there is no truth to the 6 Star being a more demanding ski than the 5 Star. I have skied both the 5 & 6 Star models back-to-back in the 168 size. And, just to clear up any confusion & pick a small nit, the dimensions of the 5 Star and 6 Star are the same, but their shapes are not the same - they come out of different molds. Now you ask "so what's the diference?" and I answer "Sorry, I don't know." :

Cafe 81, I think you'll find that both of them are equal in their performance - or, should I say, in their demand for you to perform. Just in case you're curious, on a scale from one to ten - one being groomed and ten being powder - the 5 Stars are approximately a 4 1/2; this according to Volkl. The two sheets of Titanal in the 5 Star make for a quieter, more damp ski and the metal content will make for a better crud ski. The 6 Star, devoid of metal laminates, will be a livelier, snappier ski and a better choice in the bumps. As for their all mountain qualities, I believe them to be equal in their ultimate performance. But, the 5 Star and 6 Star, being of different constuction, will cause people to seek out one or the other for their perceived superiority in a relatively small performance spectrum. Now, how's that for mumbo-jumbo? [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

If you find the 5 Star to be a demanding ski and you want an all mountain ski from Volkl, might I suggest the Vertigo G3/Vertigo Motion or maybe next year's 7/24 Pro or 7/24 AX3. The 7/24 Pro will knock your socks off - just ask altagirl. I hope I've answered some of your questions; but, if I have not, please send a PM and I will do what I can to help you find your way to Nirvana. Once you settle-up on your bar-tab of course. Why are you selling your 5 Stars?

</font>[/quote]I hope this helps,

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I demo-ed a couple of skis these past two days and the 5 star is "the" ski for me: skis extremelly well on any terrain, in any snow condition and any turn shape. It is a fun and lively ski too. Demo lenght: 168 cm.

The 6 star felt like a GS race ski. All they wanted was to be skied fast and straight down the fall line. They have excellent edge hold, are extremelly stable and REALLY fast. If this is how someone skis, it is definitely the ski. I took them into some icy bumps and that wasn't fun at all. If this is of any importance, they are heavy. Demo lenght: 168 cm.

The 7 24 Pro is a fun ski, tends to do medium radius turns only. They're fast, very stable and ride smoothly on any terrain. They're excellent off-piste and decent on groomed: they did not want to do short radius turns there, so I haven't pushed them to. They float well and have excellent edge hold. They are heavy. Demo lenght: 170 cm.

7 24 AX3 feel a lot like my 2001-2002 Vertigo G3. Because they are stiffer now, I went with 170 cm (vs. my own 177). They are fun skis, but I'd prefer them to float better off-piste. For me the 5 star is a more fun and more versatile ski. Demo lenght: 170 cm.

Please note that these are my personal opinions on these skis: they reflect they way I perceived them and this view is deeply influenced by my technique, conditioning, temperament, height, weight, mood of the day... I am not employed by Völkl; I just happen to love their skis.

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It sounds like you had quite a testing frenzy and have arrived at a happy conclusion.

If you can wait 30 days for delivery, I'll have a clean pair of 168 5 Stars with 1200 Motion bindings. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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which binding for the five stas?? Piston or Motion?
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Originally posted by Gostan:
which binding for the five stars?? Piston or Motion?
The answer remains the same.

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