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Atomic SX11

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I just demoed a couple of pairs of skis in Falls Creek Australia after reading through this site. I am 6 foot tall, around 180lbs, 37yo, athletic and an upper intermediate skier.

The first I tried were Volkl 5 Stars, after reading some good reviews and recommendations. These were very versatile and easy to ski but didn't impress me at all at speed - they seemed skitterish and a little unstable. I went back to the shop and asked what they had that was better at speed. They said that the Atomic SX11 Supercross were very fast and stable but that most people who tried them said that they were scarey. I was concerned that they would be a bit much for my skill level but tried them anyway.

To cut to the chase, the SX11's are awesome. They have amazing edge grip on the hardpack, are extremely fast and are reasonably forgiving. I only got kicked off them twice in a week and that was on slow, bumpy tracks. I found them to be so stable at speed that I could overtake racers and straightline some pretty steep runs. They are scarey, but only because you can find yourself pushing along at ridiculous speeds.

You can ski the SX11s moderately but they do prefer medium to longer turns and seem to always be trying to go faster. I love going fast and do not think that I came close to the upper stable speed limit on the 170cm SX11s. I decided to buy a pair when I did a speed run down a wide, groomed slope and then tilted the skis onto their edges to pull up with a curving slide - this didn't work as it had on the Volkls and the edges just gripped in a high G force turn and shot me back up the mountain. It felt great!

I don't know why I haven't seen any reviews of the Atomic Supercross series here because they are truly awesome skis. I would recommend them for anyone above intermediate who likes a bit of speed and pop in their skis. They also seem well constructed and tough so far.


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There has been some discussion on the SX11 here in the past. When I first demoed them in March of 02 I liked them, but I only rode them for two runs. Dec. 02 I spent the day on them, IMO they were not versatile enough for me. I will say that on groomed runs they were fun.
I hope you wear a helmet...

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Bought a pair at the start of last season and loved them ... until I got my Head iSL worldcups though ... wow! Any way, the SX11 is a superb ski but the Supercross 9's which I think came out a little later seems to be more versatile if slightly less stable at supersonic speeds. I tried the Head supercross ski (the 2004 one) and think I still prefer my Atomics. Get them on an edge on a groomer and they are just glorious ... lent them to a couple friends for the odd run & they were pretty amazed too.
I wouldn't have reckoned on it as an intermediate ski 'cos they're not very forgiving ... or maybe that's just me cos I'm a light shorty.
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bloody Australias they are everywhere.

I love my SX11s. The ONLY thing they don't do well is short swing, Rusty Guy turns. Peeerect for Oz conditions ..... I have made so many new ski Patrol friends as well, they all keep waving. Try em in the rough stuff as well, they make the whole world smooth

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Thanks for your comments on the SX:11 skis. I wanted to try them this past winter, but was unable to find any shops with a demo pair available.

What I did try was the Salomon Crossmax 08 which I loved. I also tried the Atomic R11:20 skis, but they were a bit too much. I couldn't keep up with them, but I have to say that I felt as if they would have made me a much better skier if I had been able to use them for a few more days.

How do these 2 skis compare with the Atomic SX:11? I am also looking at the Volkl G3 (again, couldn't find a shop with a demo pair available). Any ideas would be appreciated.

I'm 5'11", 43yo, upper intermediate/expert, and I ski groomed with occasional moguls (not very often).



>>I don't know why I haven't seen any reviews of the Atomic >>Supercross series here because they are truly awesome skis. I >>would recommend them for anyone above intermediate who likes >>a bit of speed and pop in their skis.
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Yup... me too! I absolutely love the SX11s. I took them through several GS courses on a demo day at Mammoth. I had the opportunity to compare them to Rossi and Elan. They absolutely rocked! And then I free skied. There's nothing like em. Simply put them on edge and hang on!
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I have the G3. 48y/o 5'11' 190lbs. I feel and friends have remarked that that ski has made a better mogul skier out of me. I find that I can control my speed in the bumps better on that ski then any other ski I own or have tried. If you look through other post you'll see my logon lots of time talking about the G3. My new toy's AX3's are ready to be mounted for this season.

I have skied the SX11, as well as my son's R11's. IMO the G3 does it all. And won't beat you up.

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Trombird- For what it's worth, the Atomic R11.20 is currently one of the skis in my quiver, and I'm probably about your skill level and weigh 205 lbs. I think the R11 is fine for me, but found the SX11 to be a bit too much. Demoed it in the 180, tried it again later in the 170, and that was still alot of ski. I think if I only skied groomed and hardpack, the SX11 would probably be a better choice, but for an all mountain ski, I think the R11 is definetly the way to go. If you thought the R11 was a bit too much, then I think you're going to find that the SX11 is going to be way too much; the R11 is just a more forgiving ski in my opinion. Maybe you should check out the new SX9, still a fun ski in a more user friendly package.
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I was initially worried about the SX11 being "too much ski" for me or too unforgiving as I am not an expert skier. I do mainly ski groomed runs though and like going fast and couldn't argue with the guy at the ski shop when he said "just try them - if you don't like them, just demo something different".

Although they seem to constantly want to accelerate to ridiculous speeds, they are so stable that they feel safe to me. Even on chopped up runs where I found myself going much faster than I wanted, I found if you just hang on and go with them, it is quite easy to ride these situations out. Bumps don't throw them off line at speed and the edge grip is fantastic. I felt much more uneasy on softer, more forgiving skis in these types of situations as they didn't have that rock-solid feel when the going gets tough. The Volkl 5 Stars were quite worrying at speed whereas on the SX11s you know that if you just hang on everything will be fine. I wonder if the concept of "too much ski" is more to do with willingness to accept the pace rather than skill (above beginner levels of course)?

Versatility could be an issue. I found them excellent in firmpack, ice and on 15cms of fresh, dry powder. They floated OK on deeper soft snow off piste but weren't particularly good or bad. On the only soft slush that I found, they weren't very good but I only went through a couple of patches (unusual for Oz!). For anyone who skis mainly firm snow and likes a bit of pace though, give these a try.

I never thought of getting a helmet previously but now think I might for next year!


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The R11 is my everyday ski and I've demoed the sx11 as well. The skis have a similar feel. The sx11 is quicker edge to edge and more lively than the r11. It would be my choice if I skied mainly groomers, but I don't. The r11 suits me better because I ski about 80% off piste. The same runs in the rough stuff on the r11 are silky smooth whereas the sx11 tends to get kicked around. The r11 is a more versatile ski IMHO, though I admit the sx11 is a lotta fun
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I'm a 175 lbs 175 cm tall skier and where I ski the usual condition you can count on is wind packed boiler plate, with nice days being a bit softer variety of firm groomer, so I wanted to demo them quite badly. No shops near me had them but I knew I wanted to try them, if for no other reason than to try and debunk all the hype. Fortunately I rode up on a lift with a ski instructor wearing a pair and when I asked if he liked the SX:11s, he OFFERED TO LET ME TRY THEM OFF HIS FEET !!! : : :

Needless to say after many thanks and a switch of skis (we both had atomics with the sliding demo style bindings) I kicked off and and felt something I had rarely felt before over the cast iron linoleum that sometimes passes for snow around here.... Clean carves. After a few runs , I switched back (with a bit of inward reluctance) but was spoiled the rest of the day from the experience. I want a pair! FAST! FAST! FAST!
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I demoed about a dozen skis last March during a week trip to Aspen. Volkl 5*, Elan Mantis, Vertigo G3, Rossi RPM, SkiCross 9, etc. Only ski I didn't like was the SkiCross 9 (very quirky turn shape and unpredictable in moguls).

But without a doubt, the most fun ski I tried was the SX11. It blew me away on the groomed trails. I don't remember ever skiing on a ski as quick turning, lively and tenacious as the SX11.
The only negative is that they had way too much energy for bump skiing. I've skied lots of race skis in bumps, but don't ever remember getting tossed around like I did on these. Some of these bumps were ugly though, so they'd probably be fine in softer snow.

I'll probably give the tamer SX9 a try this winter to see how they stack up.

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That's funny Carvemeister, I loved the SX11 precisely because they were lively in the bumps. On the hard pack I didn't have the leg strength to really hammer them in short reaching turns. I can't take that kind of G loading and go through neutral with any kind of precision. I would definitely buy a pair.

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Pierre, maybe it had something to do with length. I am not sure if I skied a 170 or a 180. Maybe a different length would have been better. But the bumps I skied were pretty ugly. Tight, deep, firm and triangular. I think a softer, ski with less rebound works better in a situation like that, at least for me. In general, I like a lively ski, especially for skiing groomers, but the SX11 seemed to be a bit too springy for hard bumps.

I'd love to give them another try this year, and I'm glad to hear you liked them in bumps. If I demo another pair and have a better bump day on them next time, I'll probably buy a pair because I think they'd be a blast to ski here in the east.
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Carvemiester, don't judge a ski in bumps by what I say. I think 2X4's are just fine for tight bumps. Of all the skis I demoed on the hard pack the last day I skied, I liked the SX 11 the best. It had the most character.

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I too demo'd the Sx-11's last year in 160 cm (I am 6'3" and 180 lbs and an expert skier). They had the big riser plate on them, and for hard pack Midwest skiing they were a total blast! You can do 3 turns on each mogul it seems, they are quick! I already have a nice pair of all-mountain skis (Salomon X-Scream Series - 187 cm) which do fine in the Midwest and also out West.

But I want something like the SX-11's for a 2nd pair of skis to use only on hardpack in the Midwest. It made Midwest skiing a lot more fun, that's for sure!

however, I can only find Sx-11's for around 400 dollars - which will be too much $$$ for a 2nd pair of skis (especially after I throw on bindings too)

Does anyone have any suggestions for some previous year's short-quick hardpack ski that I might find on sale? Or any cheaper prices on SX-11's? I'd like to buy something 'like' the SX-11's before this season starts...

I have seen some good reviews of Rossi Cobra X on this board, but I am afraid that they might be not as much ski as the SX-11's, I don't want to end up with something too wimpy...

thanks in advance!

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Hey cwturner,
Run, don't walk over to the buy/sell forum here in EpicSki and git yer name in on pman's list for the group buy. Today's the last day, so hurry! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Thanks darkhorse-
I did contact p-man. Let's see what he can do.

But if it doesnt work, maybe there is some ski model from a few years back that can offer me at least some of the fun that the SX-11 does (my first experience with the new short, quick skis!)

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The SX11 is a current model, so you will not find it for the money it appears your are willing to pay.

How about a 3-year-old or so shorty slalom in a 170 or so to handle a bit more speed and bigger arcs, say an Atomic 9.16 or something like that?
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Well I just skied my 170 SX11s over 3 days in Oz. Day 1 was drizzle n slush n they cut through that. Day 2 was frozen glass with "no fall" zones n they hung onto that. Day 3 was 2ft+ of middle earth pow skiing steeps n trees with the hardish base under n they ploughed through that.

Finally starting to get the full gambit retraction turns going in everything and the SX11s have been the prefect platform.
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The SX11 maybe the best ski ever made!! Ifind they are actually very good in the bumps and also in 6" of powder and in the chop!

I am 6'0 185 on a 180! Damn Fast & Stable.
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My description for thoses that can remember that far back is that the SX11 is the Laura Croft bastard dwarf child of the old wood core Dynamic VR27 and the Red and White Kastle Super G circa 1985\6.
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