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Sir Francis Bacon length?

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I'm 5'5" and 150lb. I'm looking into getting a Sir Francis Bacon for a one ski quiver for mostly all snow conditions and terrain types but I'm unsure of the size.

172 cm, 178 cm, 184 cm

What confuses me is that I'm a bit heavier than average for my height, so I should be sizing larger than a typical guy who is 5'5". Also the SFB are reported to measure shorter than officially spec'ed. The 184cm is actually 180cm for instance. Plus its early rocker design means it skis shorter. Normally I would go 178cm and call it a day. But there's someone selling a mint pair of 184cm and I'm wondering if that would work as well.

Unfortunately I can't demo them. I've called everywhere and everywhere is closed or not picking up the phone.
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After looking at skis I think the 184 cm would be far too long. 178 cm maybe would be good.
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here some data that might help you, I'm also 150/5'5" take this with a grain of salt since wasn't the same ski. I did demo the Opus 178 and It was a little bit short for me, but not much, for an all around one ski quiver the size would be good though, but not really for a pow ski at 118mm underfoot. Now the sfb is 108 and you want it to be your one ski quiver, I would probably go with the 178, think that's a good size and should be really easy to drive! take a look at this rocker profile tip http://blistergearreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/line_1213_sir-francis-bacon_side.jpg

think you will be good on the 178! if it is anything like the Opus it should be a great ski!
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Awesome. Thanks! I just demoed a pair of 174cm Rocky Mountain Underground CMRs which the demo guy said would ride very similarly to the SFB, at least going forward and not switch, and I didn't find it long at all. However, since I'm used to a narrower stance on my sport skis, I frequently tapped or knocked the tips together on these fatter ones, which I've heard is not good for the skis, possibly decreasing their life span?
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I wouldn't be too concerned, this past season was my first season back to skiing regularly (every weekend) in about 4 years and I skied on the Bacons exclusively for the first 3/4 of the season. A lot of tip and tail clanking went on and they have held up fine.

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rocks and stuff early in the season will be much worse for the skis, also it just takes little time of getting used to!
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