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Big guy ski advice for East Coast spring / slush & part time powder

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I have been reading through the big guy ski advice threads and would like some additional input. I am 46, 5'11" 280 lbs. I primarily ski New Jersey (my 6 year old is in the pre race program at Hidden Valley) with spring trips to Killington. Starting next year we should be adding a yearly trip to Park City.

I just purchased the Dynastar Speed Course ti for use as my NJ ski. I am thinking of adding to my quiver a fat ski for EC spring conditions which can also be used for the occasional VT powder and my trips to Utah. According the the prior posts and the physics chart for my weight I should be skiing something in the 130s width and up. I kind of like the idea of a super wide although I have never skied anything like it. I also like the idea of the independent ski company and I am looking at something from H2O (karen cito ?) and Ski Logik but need some direction.

What will give me the most use? What width and length? I don't really have the ability to demo many skis but if I can I will. Thanks.
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130 is a whopper of a wide ski and I think you might regret it. I'm 6' 215 # and like wide skis, ski a 107 mm Gotama everyday, and my widest is an Icelantic Keeper which is 119 mm underfoot. I would not even consider a ski that wide because a 130 ski, to me, means two words; specialized and helicopter. For inbound skiing I would suggest something like the Nordica Heldorado, the Volkl Katana and the Icelantic if you want width and super versatility. I have skied and/or owned all of these and they all come in a 190 length +/- and should do the trick for you.

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I agree with SqawBrat.  130mm  is a massive waist that you would not be able to get on edge without major acrobatics, unless you are in very deep snow.  I am 6'5", 220 lbs, and also ski the Icelantic Keepers for deep snow.  I love them in slush and funky snow as well as powder.  They have some camber (for big guys) and a 18m sidecut that makes them very versatile, as opposed to many of the large waisted skis that are straighter profiled.


I have not skied the H2Os, but have played with them in the shop and talked to several people that have skied them. They are good skis but FWIW I do not believe they would be as versatile as the Keepers, or something like the Atomic Automatics.  There are many good skis in the 115-120mm waist range these days (including some made by Ski Logik) that should be wide enough to float you in all but the deepest and lightest fluff.

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Thanks for the replies, that is the feedback I am looking for.
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Read this thread and buy this ski:



I am 6'3.658"; 250...this ski rules them all.

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As a big guy myself, IMO a good width for the 'wide' end of an EC quiver as well as a 'go anywhere' Western ski (assuming you're only taking one pair with you on a trip...) is in the ~95-105 range.  These actually behave reasonably on-trail while still making things much easier off-piste.  If you go out West and it dumps, count your blessings and demo something 120+ for the day.


Maybe try something like a Kastle FX94 or BMX98, Blizzard Bonafide, Head Rock-and-Roll (or Rev 105), Dynastar Cham (97 or 107).

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