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Our last day at Killington 5/18/13

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My son and I had our last day of the ski season today, skiing spring bumps on Superstar at Killington. 


It was a fantastic day, sunny, with temps in the high 60's or low 70's. 


Conditions were very good, there were places where (carvable) ice showed through in the troughs, and there was a very short section where the skiing was on a slushy mix of mud and snow, but in general the conditions were up to expectations.


We got to meet Radio Ron (of Meathead Films fame), who was very friendly and told my son to "rip 'em" as he started down the last zipper line of moguls toward the umbrella bar (at the bottom of the slope).  Ron doesn't say "dit" while he skis the bumps anymore.  The "Hammer" from Meathead films also spent the day skiing Superstar.


A picture of both Radio Ron and the Hammer (with Superstar in the background) can be found here:




Killington should be able to open Superstar again next weekend, but my son has a soccer tournament that spans the entire three day weekend, so it appears that we're done for the season (December-May, total ski days somewhere in the mid 30's).  I don't think Killington has enough snow left to make it to the June 1st/2nd weekend this year.



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Glad you & your son enjoyed the day. I'm pretty confident K will open in June. It might not be ski on ski off & there might be some hiking involved in sections but they will spin the lift.

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There are long sections of Superstar that I expect will still be skiable June 1st and 2nd (unless they get a string of really warm days).  I just don't think they'll have enough snow to string together a top-to-bottom continuous run.  You may be right that they will open and that there will be some hiking involved.



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Unfortunately I was wrong. Killington announced today they will be closing this Sunday. They are offering free skiing for everyone both Sat. & Sun.

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