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Slalom race skis

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I have raced S/GS in college and would like to get back into it. I have not bought race ski equipment for over 15 years. Any guidance for length and ski type would be helpful. I'm 5'7/132lbs and prefer a men's/unisex ski for free skiing and currently use Rossignol B1 168 cm. What length ski and also can I register for slalom events in the 2013/14 season or do I need to participate I GS also?
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I'm gonna guess you're a female.
since you raced in college I will also assume you're a strong skier.

Races: depends where and what you race. Beerleague will have mostly tight GS maybe some parallel, NASTAR will have flat GS, Club races will have both GS and SL medium length/difficulty, USSA Masters will have FIS regulated courses SL GS SG DH.

Skis: for slalom I would go with the minimum FIS length which is 155cm. plenty of good skis out there, good starting point would be rossi/dynastar. For GS look at something like the rossi master skis 174cm

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Just because you race SL doesn't mean you have to race GS. All that depends on your league/race series/team. For USSA you just get the license, which allows you to race, doesn't have you picking an event as part of that. You don't even need a race license for most beer league races.
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Great. thanks.
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