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Boulder/Golden area trails?

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I'm heading down to the front range this weekend and need some suggestions for a good mtb ride in the Boulder/Golden vicinity.  I'm assuming everything down there is dry enough to ride right now, correct?  Only rides I've done before in the Front Range are Hall Ranch (loved), Centennial Cone (meh), and Betasso (nice, but a little boring), so I don't have much familiarity with the area trails.  This will be my first ride since last fall, so looking for something more on the fast & flowy side, although wouldn't mind a few technical dh sections thrown in.  Suggestions?

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My favs are Mt Falcon and White Ranch in the jeffco open space:



And Walker Ranch in boulder:



Green mountain is an easier option with less climbing:



The snow should be gone, but it's probably a bit muddy from the rain the last few days.  Can't say for sure as I haven't been out yet this year since they just closed Pali :-(  

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http://www.mtbproject.com/ Since its started in Golden lots of info on there. Also the lots of TGR posters in that area. I bet someone would show you around from that site.

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Thanks for the links!  That MTB Project site is pretty sweet... I've never seen it before.  Someone else suggested Walker to me, so might have to check that one out... tball, what direction do you ride Walker?

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I always do Walker Ranch counter clock-wise.  It's a lot nicer carrying your bike DOWN the cliff on the rock stairs to the river.  Carrying up sucks.  I think the climbs and descents are a little nicer CCW too.   


Note you can't ride to Walker Ranch on the trail through Eldorado canyon to get there.  Start from the trail head in Coal Creek Canyon if coming from Golden, or the trail head on the backside of Flagstaff Mtn if coming from Boulder.


The ranger tweets and it looks like the snow is long gone and it might just be a little muddy from the recent rain:



Get out and do it.  It's a must do ride for the Boulder area!

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