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WTB: AT bindings and skins

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Like the title says I want to buy AT bindings (preferably Naxo NX21 or something comparable from Diamir or Maker) for a 330mm boot. I am also interested in skins for 82mm ski. Shoot me an email with anything you have to sell. Thanks!

rda0001 AT auburn DOT edu

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Naxo's were notorious for breaking in the field. I would advise against them.
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I have heard good and bad about Naxo bindings, and I am by know means limiting myself to them.  If you have any AT bindings for 330mm boot I am interested in hearing about it.




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I have a pair of Barons from two years ago new and in the box, size L (305mm - 370mm according to Backcountry). Got them + skis + skins from a friend for super cheap, and thought the bindings were size small, basically. Make me an offer if you're interested.

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Bump, still looking. Shoot me an email with pics of what you have.
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Go to Sierra Trading Post's website.  Sign up for their Deal Flier.  You will start getting emails that deliver 35-40% off their already deeply discounted prices.  I've picked up 95mm skins for around $70; these are plenty wide for 82mm skis.  Outdoor Gear, Snow Sports, Ski Accessories is where you'll find them. Cheap bindings are tougher.  This may not be the best forum for AT gear...check TGR but tread lightly if you're not a regular there already.  I started out on MFD Alltime plates with alpine bindings...my AT boots have tech sole lugs as well as DIN Alpine lugs so I got a lot of use out of them...problem is, they're heavy but a good, cheap way to break into AT to ensure it's what you want to do without spending $400+ for primo AT clamps.

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You should have bought the Barons from rachelv.  I can assure you that they are gone now...because they are in my basement.

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I have some Large Baron 13s in great shape if interested.

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Not sure if this will fit your needs, or if your boots are Dynafit compatible, but I have some 182 cm Goode Carbon 95 mm waisted skis with Dynafit Comfort bindings (w/brakes) and skins cut for the skis. I want to sell everything together as a set.  They have some scratches on the tops but the bases and edges are in very good shape.  The skis are under 5.6 lbs for the pair (check that against any other skis) and it is the lightest setup you can buy.  They are 1.25 lbs. per ski lighter than anything else out there.  They skis have only been drilled once and the bindings are set for a 336 mm BSL. There is some adjustment and if you are interested I can find out if they can be adjusted to 330 without a remount  Send me a PM if you want to explore a deal. I am thinking $500 for the skis, bindings and skins.


Anybody else out there who is interested is also invited to PM me.  Thanks.  MF

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My barons are gone
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