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Ski poles: goode or leki, graphite or carbon fiber

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Hi, I would like to hear opinions on what ski pole brand you think is better goode or leki. Also does anyone know if Graphite is better than Carbon Fiber?
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I've skied with graphite goode poles and didn't like them, they flexed too much when doing pole plants on hard packed. Went out and bought some Scott Aluminium ones and they are unreal.

I also skied a few bump runs with a mates set of Leki ones and they were awesome too, light but no flex whatsoever.
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Wel Bec, the carbon in carbon fiber is graphite, so really, it's just two words for the same thing. One is not better than the other. You can lay up the fiber in the poles in different ways though, giving the poles different characteristics. You can have anthing from the Goode poles which are very light and thin and also very flexible to fat poles like the ICE poles which are as stiff as any aluminum pole. I prefer something in the middle which is why I have Leki's composite aluminum/carbon poles. They have very low swing weight, but don't feel like noodles.
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Like Epic I do have the Leki alu/carbon model.
Like them for the lightness, think they have a little less inertia when swinging compared to 100% alu poles, but I don't like the detachable wrist strap. I thought it was a nice feature but it hs the bad habit to come off in the most annoying moment (I think that the release latch is too sensible)
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I bought a pair of the Leki titanium poles this spring- they are super light and less flexible than the carbon fiber/ aluminum ones, but not quite as stiff as my Leki world cup aluminum poles. I like them alot (and I got them really cheap on sale!)
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Smith has some lightweight poles with a nice taper to them....producing a pretty light swing weight.
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Get a pair of Swix Carbon Cobras and you'll never look back. Check out their wishbone handle strap... swix wishbone handle
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It is best to have poles with wriststraps when using the rope tows at Craigieburn. You need to be able to hold onto the nutcracker with two hands, so you use the wriststraps to hang the poles off your arm. So I'd stay away from the detachable ones.
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Thanks everyone.

I've bought Goode composite, light and they don't flex. And they have normal straps .

Thanks for the extra heads up Julie, these 'nutcrackers' sound interesting...
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