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Free skis

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See that Skiers Edge is giving away a free pair of skis (or ski jacket) if you purchase any Skiers Edge S4 exercise machine. The skis offerred are your choice of the Atomic Beta Carv 8.18 or the Stockli Axis HEC. Does anyone have any info about these skis, like expert level or beginner or race vs. cruising, etc?
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Have been considering one of these ANYWAY but can find no mention of the "free" skis on the Skier's Edge website. Ya know anything?
STOCKLI: www.stockli.com/easycarve/axis.htm


ATOMIC: www.skinet.com/article/gear.cfm?alias_id=4803

The skis seemed geared toward intermediates learning carving skills.

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What I thought. Judging from the MSRP listed on the ad, I figured that these were intermediate skis at best. The offer came to me on a postcard. I'm on Skiers Edge's mailing list because I asked them to send me their free video to learn more about their product. The postcard simply states that you have your choice of the skis listed or a Schneider Lithos ski jacket. The offer ends on July 31, 2001 and is void if you return the Skiers Edge within the 30 day home trial. There is no mention of the various types of machines available or their "introductory" prices, just a note saying that the introductory prices end in August. There is also a little note that says "Call for other offers". AC, if I can do this without breaking any rules, here is the number to call 1-800-225-9669 ext. 982. I don't have any connection to Skiers Edge, just passing along some info here.
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