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2013 Season - Australia

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And, as the world tilts the other way, it's our turn again  smile.gif  We got a few contributions to last year's antipodean thread, so let's see what this year brings.  


Our season starts on the weekend of 8/9 June, and things are looking promising.  Last year - a terrific year for snow - we could slide around on part of the hill for Thredbo's opening weekend.  It wasn't top to bottom on opening day, although (if memory serves me right) they opened High Noon on the second or third day.  The Supertrail opened a week or two later.


This just in from www.snowatch.com.au (thanks Pete).  


Forecast Updated: 5:24am Thur, 16 May 2013

The remainder of the week should stay fairly cool with light scattered snow showers on and off til Friday. 

Another change around the 27th-28th should see light snow start to fall on the higher areas. Temps should then drop even further as a series of cold fronts move over the mountains bringing snow to lower levels. It's possible we could see snow falling for quite a few days with temps low enough for the snowmakers to run for long periods during this time. Fingers crossed this could be the base builder we need for the start of the season.


Looking long range there is good potential for a another fall of natural snow between the 6th-9th June







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Good luck matey, here we usually say - snow in May doesn't stay, snow in June comes too soon but snow in July you can rely. . . Looks like you're off to a good start though.

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This morning's long range forecast from snowatch.com.au (again) is looking better and better.  All skis are prepped and ready; bring it on.


Overall things are on the improve with the highs not as dominant as they normally are at this time of year. May usually brings long periods of sunny days due to blocking high pressure systems which cause most cold fronts to slip to the south under the mainland. With the breakdown on the highs so early on the likelihood of consistent snowfalls increases as the low pressure systems and cold fronts (that bring snow) reach further north over the mountains. 

With the SOI (Southern Oscillation Index) reading just staying in the negative (currently -3) over the last month, and looking to continue around that area, things are looking positive. With a decent start to the season and consistent snowfalls over the next month we should see happy skiers/boarders/and resorts. Season 2012 was a season of consistent light snowfalls from mid July through to the end of August and considered slightly above average for most resorts. Season 2013 is shaping up to be better than that.

Pete (The Frog

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By the way, Pete also does a daily New Zealand forecast.



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I will live vicariously through this thread for the summer.  biggrin.gif

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Well, just to keep things ticking along, here's a snap of the upper parts of the mountain after the recent snowfall (I believe).  Some of the locals hiked up for some turns.  Snow gums in all their glory.



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And it seems we have a nice, shiny new cable for the Kosciuszko Express lift.  Here's a shot of them testing/setting the new splice.  And no, skiing in Thredbo is not rubbish  smile.gif



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More predictions for the season. 




Here's the gist of it :


" We saw a notable amount of snow for April across the Aussie Alps. Let me be clear that I don’t think this means anything for the season either way ... I think the effect of the April snowfalls is well and truly gone and we’ll be starting from scratch near the end of this month.


Last month I talked about how neutral ENSO [El Nino Southern Oscillation] conditions were forecast to be all the rage this winter. That hasn’t changed in the last five weeks, with temperature anomalies in the equatorial Pacific threatening to flat-line for the next few months.


This winter climate models are leaning more towards lower pressures across the continent and into the Bight [south of the Australian mainland], with a band of higher than average pressures stretching through the oceans south of Australia and New Zealand.


The combined effect of this pattern is that we’re likely to see weaker or less frequent westerlies on average, and when we do get rain features coming through they are more likely to be unpredictable low pressure systems that turn the Aussie Alps into a big spinning cauldron, mixing warm, moist air from the north and cold dry air from the south.  In these situations there’s nothing you can do but hope that it’s cold enough by the time it starts dumping over your resort and that it pisses with rain over somebody else.  "


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Saw this on Snow Australia's facebook page




10 days till snow time. 

There's some great stuff happening across the resorts for opening weekend: music, fireworks, parties, food and wine, activities for kids and more.

Check out Mt Buller's long weekend festivities, to get a taste of what's on: bit.ly/PgMNO6


Game on!!

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Unfortunately snow conditions are looking pretty sketchy for opening weekend.  It's raining down there at the moment, there's no real snow forecast 'til the week after, and even then it's patchy through to the back end of June.  They have some pretty impressive snow making systems though.  Here's hoping we can slide around for some laps on Merritts at least - sort of upper right on the photo below.


Not to worry, opening weekend is a festival and there's lots of fun to be had whatever the snow conditions.



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Hate to say it but it has been dumping here, with some more big loaded fronts predicted coming in throughout June. Could be one out of the bag this winter (*proverbial kiss of death).

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Give us some off-season (for us) stoke! 

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Things are not looking good (snow wise) for opening weekend.  The mountains have received monsoon-like conditions (150-160mm of rain) in the past week or ten days.  The river was breaking its banks in Thredbo Village last weekend.  I think we'll be a stoke free zone for most of June.  I'm even starting to get worried about conditions for the demo weekend at the end of this month.  




Still, if things get cold enough we could still have a good season - just a little late.



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Pretty bleak, looks like it is dumping rain most places.  Hope it turns around for you guys.



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we're here to eat, drink and party! after all, it is the 3-day Queens Birthday Bash weekend and we must test the new menus and drinkies.wink.gif

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Going surfing instead..... water is still unseasonally warm.

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Now that there is a place called International Zone, this thread was moved over from General Skiing.


Fun to hear about snow conditions on other continents as summer heat covers North America. smile.gif

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www.snow.co.nz has some pics up of cornonet peak now open and me stuck in the north island Bugger!    frown.gif

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Meh. 300 of us had a huge 2 course feed, 200 stayed on til 3am with several bands, and we even tried the magic carpet and 'cordoroy'. Who needs snow anyway??? popcorn.gif

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So opening weekend has just come and gone in Australia, and we’re back from a sunny, fun-filled, extra long weekend in Thredbo.


Here is the snow scene.  Not good, to put it mildly. 


Golfing?  On opening weekend?  Ha!  Enough said.


Still ... we have a nice, shiny new cable for the main lift, so when it does decide to snow we’ll be sorted.


Veuve Clicquot is on board again this year as a sponsor of several events and venues.  We don’t mind a glass of bubbles, so they’re very welcome.


There were a number of events and activities set up for the weekend, including this guy creating an ice sculpture in the Village Square.


The resort put on a 20 minute fireworks spectacular on the Saturday night.  My little point-and-shoot camera (and my limited skills) couldn’t cope in the dark.


Ha ha ha !


The ice sculpture looked great at night.


And then the night was lit up in another way as the band began to play.


The next day was set aside for the long lunch.  Imagine a table set for 150 of your closest and dearest friends down the centre of the Village Square.



Of course I hadn’t booked myself a ticket.  Three weeks ago (when the snow looked great) I thought I’d be skiing.  So instead I headed up top to see the sights. 


Here we are crossing The Meadows mid-way up the Kosci Lift.


And an ‘over the shoulder’ shot.


It being a fine day I decided to do the walk out to the Kosciuszko Lookout – about 2km across the top of Australia.


More of our early season snow running away on us.


There was one nasty, refrozen, icy section along the way.  Not easy in my city slicker boots.


For those who are interested, the top of Australia looks a lot like this.


And here, at centre right, is Mount Kosciuszko; Australia’s highest ‘peak’ in all it’s glory.  It simply has to be the world’s only 'highest peak' where you can take your kids to the top ... in their stroller.


This will explain a bit.



The above is why nobody can understand how Thredbo ended up with an Alp as it's new logo.  It’s started many a confused discussion.


Here’s a shot looking back to Eagle’s Nest and the top station.


Did I mention the thronging crowds?


If the icy section was tough coming up it was downright dangerous going down again.  Sliding at pace into a sharp-edged metal lattice walkway could ruin your whole day (or your season).


Here’s a shot of the Top Station out the window from the Eagles Nest restaurant, with Friday Flat (our beginner’s area) in the valley below. 


When I returned the Long Lunch was in full swing ...



... closely followed by the annual Opening Weekend Fashion Parade.


Who was that masked woman?


Strike a pose, there's nothing to it.


Here’s Gabs’ latest funny hat.


And, not to be outdone, here’s Sean’s effort, which goes nicely with his gloves.


We had a ball; we caught up with old friends, checked their progress over summer, sorted out who was working where this season, found out where people went to ski (hint; Japan got a workout, and Niseko had 25 metres of snow), saw how quickly the kids are growing, swapped a lot of stories, bought a lot of drinks and made plans for the season.  It was a great weekend, and all agreed we were just fine without any of that ‘pesky snow’.


Job done!  Now we just need some snow for our next trip.

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Bummer about opening weekend's lack of snow.  It was looking promising a few weeks ago. 


Stumbled on to this video and thought it was worth sharing. 


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Of course, the pics show heaps of snow, and don't show the resort entry charge (up to $40 p/day) for open air carparking, or the $20 one-way taxi fare to the lodge, or hire fees for snow chains or the $110 lift tix prices. (So what was the Falls' CEO talking to Squaw about on his recent trip  wink.gif??)

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The $180-odd for an annual ticket to get your car into the national park is a teeth-grinding experience at the start of every season.  All the little tack-on costs certainly add up.  But what are you going to do ... not ski?


Rain turning to snow.  Supposed to snow for the next four days.  That'll help.

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It has just started to snow at Hotham.

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By the way, Thredbo has reintroduced mountain hosts this season.  Look for the crew in their orange jackets.  They'll be happy to help any way they possibly can.

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Originally Posted by sinbad7 View Post

The $180-odd for an annual ticket to get your car into the national park is a teeth-grinding experience at the start of every season.  All the little tack-on costs certainly add up.  But what are you going to do ... not ski?


Rain turning to snow.  Supposed to snow for the next four days.  That'll help.

That is cheap compared to Hotham at $495

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Mt Buller is reporting snow flurries.  I'm sure you need a whole lot more than flurries, but this is something......eh? 


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Buller's summit is 5000' so it needs to get colderer and wetterer. the man made blue groomers might be 'working' in a week or two (with the weekend crowds) and anything before mid July and after early September is a blessing from that vindictive and capracious Ullr biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Mt Buller is reporting snow flurries.  I'm sure you need a whole lot more than flurries, but this is something......eh? 


It'll be interesting to see if if the wives tale holds true - that Tahoe's season mimicks our season.


meantime buller reports hard packed conditions, but the camera, through the fog, shows dirt and mud and grass. but there's hope for good skiing http://huckanddyno.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/the-gnarliest-runs-in-oz-part-1-nsw/

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Originally Posted by veteran View Post

meantime buller reports hard packed conditions, but the camera, through the fog, shows dirt and mud and grass ...


Maybe the dirt is hard packed ?  th_dunno-1[1].gif

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