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I searched TGR and the Internet and came up with a single review of the Hang5..and that only on I added a few words there as well. But after skiing a couple of other similar profiled skis and being most impressed with the Hang5 I had to wondered who else had been on the Hang5 and your impressions/comparisons?


I know I have access to some pretty esoteric skis by comparison but really....has no one else skied these?   I was most impressed skiing them on the lifts at Crystal.  Enough so I bought a pair and am now waiting for them to show on FED EX and get them out on the hill.   


from our discussion after skiing them:

"I like them. It's a bit of a charger, eh? My guess is good skiers seem to love
them. Not so good ones, not so much. You gotta stay on top of them. If you
get in the back seat they'll throw you around. It's a way different ski
than the Hi5. Its strange, but at 117 underfoot it was really more of an
everyday ski for me this past winter. I can ride it inbounds all day and
then take it BC too. Much more versatile than the Hi5 IMO. Yeah, surprised
at the lack of fanfare for this ski. It's my favorite."

"I agree whole heartily with your observations. Same thing I saw. My
favorite ski as well of the last week. I put the Hi5 in the same class
as the DPS 112. People love them. I am just not a big fan after a season on each.

Skiing them in comparison with the Huascaran (same length),
and longer DPS RPS, DPS 112, longer Huascaran (196), and
a Dynastar Cham 107 (184) and my Lo5s. Best comparison was the DPS RPC
(192cm). Those two pair skied very similar for me in our current spring conditions.
All adding huge confidence under foot. Says even more for a 178cm ski I
think. I found the Hang5 to be the ski I wanted to be on as we rotated
through the day.

Funny this: by late Saturday my legs were cooked and was skiing the
Dynastar (which has gotten some rave reviews). I was hating them..really
hating them. Decided if I skied so badly it was time to wrap it up. I
got the Hang5 back on top of the hill and headed home. Much to my
surprise, even with worn out legs the Hang5s still skied very well and
seemingly made me stone sober.

The 5s certainly make light of some terrible snow conditions, soft crust to
boot deep slush. Kinda ski that turns a summit decent after a long climb
into pleasure instead of survival mode. Bit heavier than my liking for longer
tours but what the ski offers on the down in return for the effort makes me
think it has a place in my quiver."

Not many skis I want to own after just two runs.

YMMV of course.