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TR: Ebbetts Pass, 5/12/13

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Dookey67 met up with me, my wife, and our dogs Makisha and Penny up at Ebbetts Pass on Sunday, May 12th.
On the drive up from the eastside we noticed that a chute we had skied two years ago looked good to go.


Stev on the approach:


Dookey67 does "the point"...

...then heads down...


Stev follows...

...and completes some "creamed corn eights"...


Dookey67 starts another run...

...then goes over to the tree slalom...


A picture of Dookey67 taking a picture of Stev:


Dookey67's picture of Stev:


Submerged ice in a pond:




Our tracks:



We also saw other skiing possibilities.
Looking up across Kinney Reservoir:


Hiram and Folger Peaks:


Penny and Makisha:


Cool rocks:


Looking back up at the area we skied:



While not optimal like it was two years ago, it was still enjoyable and there are still many fun lines to ski there.

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Great stoke!   Thanks

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Nice to see the Ebbetts Pass is in play in this low snow year.  It looks like early June should look.  Normally we don't see liquid water in those lakes  until then.  Hope you guys get some more fun days in the high country before summer really takes over.

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Snow was a mixture of soft butter (you know, when you've left it out in 70 degree weather and you can spread it with your fingers) and Slurpee...we might have been better served had we hit it 2-3 hours earlier, but still a solid day. 

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Not too far from my house.  You're tempting me big time. 

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That looks like some great country, incredible scenery. I bet those dogs loved the lake!

Nice job with the TR, photos were awesome.

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Thanks. The dogs want to go back there. I would like to return to make some more turns too.
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Ziggy does this when he's stalking a rabbit. 


Dookey67 does "the point"...

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