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Monte Rosa?  

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Planning to go with my family feb-mar next year and want to plan ahead.
Which is the best place to stay? Champuloc? Does anyone have a nice family hotel with a pool (for the kids) to suggest?
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I would stay in Stafal, which is the centrally located (but has no real night life). Out there, Residence dei Walser has great appartments:

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In Champoluc, the Hotellerie de Mascognaz and the Hotel Relais des Glaciers have pools.


I prefer Champoluc because it has a bit more to it than the other towns in the area.

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To be clear, the Hotel Relais des Glaciers has a large outdoor hot tub/jacuzzi and an extensive spa and Mascognaz has a fairly small (but very nice!) indoor pool. the Hotel Punta Zerbion (a 5 minute drive from the bottom of the main gondola) also has an indoor pool. The Hotel Relias des Glaciers is recommened by the Mumsnet website for families. Specialist ski tour operator Ski 2 run their own British ski school and British staffed nursery in the resort.

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Being in the Gressoney valley gives you better access to both the Champoluc and Alagna valleys.  I've stayed at the Hotel DuFour in Gressoney la Trinite a few times.  It's a good, family-run three star a short walk from the lift. Carlo Cugnetto, whose family runs the hotel, is the head of the local guide service, They have a second hotel in Stafel.  It's a very quiet place and not much of a town at all.  Gressoney St. Jean, a few miles down the valley, is bigger, but is farther from the skiing.  I agree that Champoluc has more going on as a town, but you won't mistake it for St. Anton. 

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Do want 4-5 restaurants to choose from. And a hotel with a pool. I'm going with my girls 9 and 11 yrs
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Karlsson, the Relais de Glaciers is the one that matches your brief.

If you drop the swimming pool, then I'd suggest La Rouja or Hotel de Champoluc.
If money is no object, stay at the Breithorn.
I've not stayed in the Mascognaz, it looks pretty impressive. My normal spot is the Rascard Frantze, but it doesn't have a pool and as far as I know it's fully booked for next year.

In terms of getting there, I've travelled with Ski2 ( ), Echo Travel ( ) and independently.

I can recommend both companies. My last trip was with Ski-2, they picked us up by car at Milan Malpensa (Turin is closer, but we booked too late to get flights there), then drove us up to La Rouja. It's a 5 minute walk from the lifts, but they have a ski/boot room there, so you walk up in your shoes, change to your boots, then hit the slopes. Ski-2 will also pick you up and take you to Frachey if you want to start your day there. As part of their deal you get lunch vouchers which you can use at several restaurants on the hill, or put them towards drinks in some of the bars. They also have their own instructors & hire shop.
Echo Travel is smaller, but also provides a very good service. (it's been a few years since I used them, so I can't remember all the details)
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Reviving this thread, as I'm giving Monte Rosa another try this year (we ended up in Via Lattea last year--pleasant surprise).
Have been offered an apartments in Gressoney (the village higher up) next to one of the lifts. Question is if the village is too small? We certainly don't need or want any nightlife at all, but at leat 3-4 different restaurants with good food to choose from. What's the village like?
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Gressoney is in the middle valley. There's actually several villages that call themselves Gressoney, such as La Trinite and St Jean. Some would also refer to Stafal and Tache as Gressoney. What apartments are you looking at?
Food wise, there's plenty to choose from on the hill and most of the villages have a few options too, it depends where you're staying.
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Started a new thread. It's in Schtaval/Stafal. It's the Nordend and Recidense Felik. Just need a handful of good dinner options, that's really all.
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