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second race ski - volkl p40/rail or 02- p50 with rail

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I want to get some skis to play with in addition to my other skis . I have a chance to grab a pair of the volkl p40 f1s with the rails really cheap or the 02 p50 with the rail . Looking at the two skis , it appears that the p40 has a better plate but I have not been able to compare them side by side - I have heard a few people say that they do not like that plastic plate that volkl put on the 02 ski but it was done to decrease weight . I have been on the green energy rail ski and it was great at the end of the turn - that rail actually works . I would take it over that world cup piston plate if I wanted to free ski as well . I know that the p40 and the p50 are construced similar with less metal in the p50 but I am more concerned with tearing that platic rail off of the ski ..lol .
I had a pair of the volkl world cup gs racing skis from this year but I made the mistake of going too long but this time I am going short . I started on 193cm and then down to 188cm and I can ski them just fine but one day I tried some volkls in a 178cm and I wanted to kick myself - the turns were easy , the skis seemed just as fast and I could just carve all day long . so , now I am getting me some 183cm as a good compromise ..lol ; being 5'11 and 190 I think the 183cm would be a great ski for me to just rip on .
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Instead of another GS, you might consider a short slalom to play around on. A slalom with a 12-15 meter radius carves insanely short arcs, yet many are stable up to around 40 MPH (faster with some drivers/skis). My reply to those who ask me why I like the so much is always the same- they make groomers fun again.

I've picked up race-stock '01-'02 Volkl P50 slaloms in 156cm and 163cm lengths this spring for $125 off of eBay, although a more common price is in the $300 range. A lot depends on the brand and name/model recognition, but there are deals to be had.

Just an idea. GS skis a lot of fun as well, but it's always nice to add new abilities as you expand your quiver.
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Great advice from Alaska Mike!

After a few years with 2-3 pairs of skis in my quiver, I've whittled down to just one. It is the 163 CM long Volkl P50 Slalom Carver. I'm 160# 5'8". If lucky enough for the rare deep powder I just demo an appropriate ski. For just fun skiing, all around and occasional trips through Nastar gates, these short SL skis are a hoot! They always want to be on at least a little on edge, but prefer to be alot on edge! Turning constantly is pretty much the whole idea in my view. Who wants to go straight down the hill?? The only places these little guys really suck is on flat traverses, (who cares!), and highly variable crud.

Word of warning though, keeping centered over this ski is very important. If you get "back" at all in and exiting a short radius carve, the ski throws you out the window. The ski forces you to improve your carving technique, pushing the "old" pressuring/steering techniques further into the distant past. Since I've been skiing for over 45 years, that's alot of unlearning!!!

Who would've thought a ski could be so much fun when it barely stand as high as your nose!

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How about a compromise between the two? After a few PM's, I think I have a good feel for what you would enjoy, David, and I promise you, a Supersport 5 or 6 star would be so much fun, you might never get that grin off your face again. 175 cm. Seriously.
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That was my thought too. Why do so many people think they have to be on race skis. All Mountain skis are much better, maybe we should keep the secret to are self's.
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All-mountain skis are by no means a secret. Mid-fat/all-mountain designs are the biggest category of skis out there- far greater than the old race designs that used to dominate.

However, race-oriented skis do things better than mid-fats can in certain situations. High speed stability, quickness edge-to edge, edge hold- these are all areas that race skis excel in. The biggest place mid-fats beat them is in float, although wider tips and tails on some race skis are starting to narrow the gap.

If we compare them to cars, race skis are high-end sports cars, carving skis are like passenger sedans, mid-fats are like SUVs, and powder ski are like dedicated trail rigs. Each has their own place where they shine, and the consumer can decide what suits their particular needs. Considering over 90% of SUVs sold never leave maintained roads, perhaps customers aren't always sure about what they need.

I second the 5-Star as a demoing option, and would add the Fischer Sceneo line as well. "All-mountain slaloms" are an interesting hybrid, mixing short slalom sidecuts with all-mountain waists. Rusty Guy had some slightly used S500s for sale pretty cheap, and I've seen a few 5-Stars on eBay for much less han retail. Either way, I don't think you can truly go wrong.
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