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Race plates/Bindings for the FIS Stöckli GS

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Hi, what would be some good race plates/bindings for the job? I like to have race plates for the mechanical advantage but with as little added stiffness as possible. TIA!!

Options I have come across so far:
1. Marker Comp EPS/Piston plates -
I've never used them before. One thing I noticed though... Most other major race bindings have rollers in the toe pieces to minimize friction for release. Marker still uses the same low friction plastic that directly contacts the boot sole (i believe their newly designed 2014 Xcell bindings come with rollers but they won't be available until this coming fall). Also, I have read somewhere that the piston plates add significantly more stiffness (correct me if I'm wrong). Given all this, I'm not too excited with this option.
2. Tyrolia Freeflex Pros/RDX Plates:
I really like the Freeflex Pro bindings. I like their design and construction. I have had no problems so far. I haven't used the RDX plates before (heard they have been unchanged for many years. The same for 2014 as well). I'm just guessing the two piece plastic design won't add much stiffness. This setup is what I'm leaning towards based on what I have read/heard so far.
3. Salomon Bindings:
I like their bindings on the 2014 Stockli's that I recently demoed. They have a nice affirmative mechanical "click" action when the bindings are engaged. I just don't know what plates they offer that are worth considering.
4. Look PX race
Not a fan of the PX race bindings. Don't like their design. Had a defect once.
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FWIW, Stockli uses the Salomon version of the X20 binding on World Cup. Tina Maze uses Atomic Xentrix Race 1018 on her skis.

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Thanks. I'm pretty sure my quiver will eventually include Atomic/Salomon skis, so likely in the future.

Decision time--thinking out loud.
- There seem to be mixed opinions on Marker Race products, the EPS bindings particularly (although it's said that they do the job when paired with the Piston plates). Hopefully their new Xcell bindings will be on par with competition when they come out. I'll probably have some in the future likely if I ever get Volkl race skis, which seems like a good match (softer skis--stiffer plates)
- All the techs I talked to think highly of the RDX/FFS setup. That says something about Tyrolia. The RDX plates allow more natural flex. I use and like the FFP. Also no change for the 2014. For a quick end of the season, high discount deal, this tried/true option makes the most sense. About to snag 2013 RDX/FFP17 for $300.
- One tech mentioned Vist plates. Saw some posts on them too. Seems to be a bit pricey and difficult to get at the same time. I know they have a good market share in the WC racing circuit, but I just don't know/haven't heard the brand enough to be comfortable with their reliability/consistency. Maybe in the future.
- No Look bindings for me unless someone can persuade me. Having said that, I want to try thier Pivot bindings someday.
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Honestly, I don't think it's that important. just get the one with the best deal...
just my 2c

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I like that approach a lot!
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I mean all racing equipment is top notch period.
yes there will be differences between brands but at the end of the day, for the avg racer they are all very good. this is true for boots, skis, bindings, gear, etc. it comes down to personal preference (i like head cuz ted shreds/atomic because hirscher is a beast), fit (some boots fit narrow, other wide), and price!
I personally loved the 2009 head GS (real serialized race stock) but currently race on lower level blizzards because I have the athlete price on them. Where the head better? yes. Does it make that huge difference? no I still ski fast.

with skiing being so expensive saving as much as possible is always a plus IMO.

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"Just get whatever at the lowest price possible" definitely has its merit (and some risk too).
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The RDX is a good plate plus it lets you have afree choice of bindings.  The Marker piston is also a good choice, provided you go for a 16 or 20.  You might be surprised at teh difference made by the right choice of plate.  For example, Blizzard race stock is much better with the Marker plate than the previous Vist/Blizzard one.  Often difficult to beat the factory specced one but of course that doesn't exist with Stockli.  They seem to be most commonly fitted with the Marker piston or, as Beta racer indicated, Atomic (although I am not sure which one?? ) for Maze.


Oh and some of the older salomon Lab plates are excellent if you find them.


In this case though I dont thin you will regret the RDX/FF combo

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A dealer told me Stöckli actually encourages US dealers to recommend/mount Marker plates and bindings.

I really liked the demo skis with no plates. The skis flexed well which allowed me to make some pretty tight GS turns. They also had just the right amount of dampening. I'd like to have that feel closely replicated on my new skis plus the height advantage from race plates. I think I will really like the RDX/FFP setup. I placed an order today
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good choice.  BTW, don't think of teh RDX as a soft plate, it is a pretty decent full race plate.

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Hey guy - thanks for your moral support. I look so forward to hitting the slopes with my new S' next week...

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I'm serious they look damn good!
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Thanks--I really like them a lot.
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