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Powder skis advice

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I am a North Eastern skier who goes ones a year West for 10 day sanity check. (5'10 170 lb advanced) My primary skis are Atomic Crimson 171 which I bought as an all mountain version, but clearly I can not handle powder on them. I tried a demo of 181 Salomon Czars which opened for me the whole new world of possibilities (i was very wary about the size and if i can handle it yet it was the dream come true) and now I am shopping for new equipment! Need your advice , I kind of made up my mind with the skies but not sure about the size. Looking at atomic automatic based on raging reviews and weight, but not sure if I can handle the 186, 179 seems small based on my experience with Salomon czar. What size would you recommend ? Btw I am open to rossignol s7
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Get the Rossi Soul 7 in 180. I'm the same specs as you and also ski the East and vacation in the west.
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Originally Posted by rewqski View Post
 Atomic Crimson 171 which I bought as an all mountain version, but clearly I can not handle powder on them.


I'm a big proponent of big skis and my current got to ski is a 118 mm waist (Ie.- I'm not one of the guys on here that will tell you that everyone should ski everything with a 65 mm waist ski and enjoy it), but I'm not sure its "clearly" obvious why an 88mm ski can't handle powder?


In my eyes, that ski should be more than fine in a foot of snow.


Unless you are taking last minute trips and chasing storms to ensure every one of your ten days are 3+ feet deep, I'm not seeing that an 88 waist ski would really be a hindrance.


Taking any random ten days, you'd be doing well for 3 of them to be a powder day, and being doing great if 1 of them was significantly more than 12" of snow.   In which case, take a demo of a truly fat ski?


That said, if you really are set on buying a ski, I would not buy another powder specific ski that was not an 5 point design (Ie- an S7 type ski). Tapered tip, pintail, lots of rocker. I was late to the party, but they are way too much fun on a deep day and can make even an intermediate feel like a pro.

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OP--you have skied wide skis, you liked the experience, you clearly don't need someone telling you that you don't want or need them. If you only have 10 days out west a year and if only a few of those are powder days you might as well enjoy them as much as you can.  As far as length it depends on how you like to ski. If you make a lot of turns, ski tight lines in the trees and chutes the 179-181 should be fine.  If you like to ski fast and straight you might prefer the next size up.  If you like lighter and playful go shorter, if you like rock stable go longer. If you were happy on a 181 Czar a 179 ski should be fine--I haven't skied either but it sounds like the Automatic is stiffer than the Czar, so you probably wouldn't want to go longer. If it's practical try and demo a couple of skis and a couple of lengths your next trip west and you probably can subtract the demo price from the cost of the new skis if you get them from the same shop. It can be tough to demo popular skis in popular lengths though.

One rule of thumb I use is to use skis in the same length position within the range for that model--in other words I wouldn't ski the shortest hardpack ski in a given model and the longest powder ski in a given model--I'm in the middle for both.  I tend to look at that rather than absolute length. 

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for the automatic go 186, I'm 5'5" / 150 and even though my size would be the 179 I demoed the 186 and haven't had any problems handling the automatic 186. I would also consider rocker2/quest 115 188cm
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