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The whole idea is to steer effectively. If you do round turns, then the steering needs to be consistent. The biggest mistake I see is the parking. Work the ski from turn start to turn finish. Consistent steering outcomes require constant flex and extend moves to even out the pressure. Edge angles need to be such that your steering and flex / extend moves have an effect. Even if you just roll and ride. Avoid getting stuck and avoid static positions that cause that. KEEP MOVING.
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You've done very well in 8 years! Being an 8-years skier myself, I can tell you (also) to forget about separation, etc. and focus more on a better cooperation with the skis, especially between turns. Point is, from what I see, you're transitioning over your skis relying too much on your ski boots, you should have a much more active and, in the same time, smoother movement. As an exercise I would recommend you to train your movements (on a gentle slope at the beginning)  with your ski boots completely unbuckled. This will force you to take the stance minute by minute. When you'll feel confortable there,... you can go, unbuckled, on a steeper slope, and with higher speed!

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Hi Metaphor.  I'm sorta in the same position as you, CSIA L2, CSCF L1 and I have even done the odd L3 prep session at WB.  Haven't really considered taking my L3.  However I was doing some gate training at the end of the season and at the end of my run one of the coaches (who also happens to be a L4 examiner) looked at me.  There was a pregnant silence.  Uh oh I thought.  "I'm going to really give youy a hard time".  Uh oh again.  "Why the hell don't you ski like that all the time?"  "Fast, aggressive - just what we are looking for, ski like you do in gates, ski like you do on a powder day..."*.  He went on for a while :).  So my recommendation would be to put the CSIA to one side for a while and train for your L2 Coach and get ripping!


* A powder day on WB is a gong show, lots of locals revving their engines waiting for the peak chair to open.  There is no hanging around.

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