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Final Cut Pro X vs. iMovie 11

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I finally decided to take the plunge and buy Final Cut Pro X after becoming frustrated with some of the limitations of using iMovie 11.  It's so much more advanced and gives you so much more control, I really wish I had done this earlier.


Worth the $299 price tag IMO.  Figured I'd share this for anyone else who was thinking about upgrading but wasn't sure.

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I took the plunge, too.  I'd probably do it again.  After a brief learning curve, I find it faster and easier to work with.  I like that it has a playhead that stays put.  I especially like that it can work with original compressed footage.  Still, I think I probably could do 90% of what I normally do with iMovie, which is quite cheap.


Two disapointments from the upgrade:


1. FCPX can't delete unused parts of event clips, as iMovie can


2. FCPX can't work with events stored on a network drive, as iMovie can


I've complained to Apple about these.  Perhaps they'll get fixed soon.

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I have it is good, way better than iMovie, lately I am using Adobe Premier CS6 most of the time. 

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