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Would like to upgrade to a lighter boot, maybe a dynafit but a few questions first

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Currently I have some really heavy 29 mondo Nordica 90s, which I find wear my legs out by the end of the day. They are comortable and warm but very very combersome and awkward to walk in. They are very heavy and  I cannot even find the weight of them on their website lol.


So this season I would like to upgrade to a new boot which weighs anywhere from 2-4 pounds per boot.


I have been scouting the Dynafit TLT Mountain and Performance which drop into this low rate ratio and also walk mode.

They look beautiful and have great reviews.


I worry that they are not for every binding though as I have read that that they may not work with Marker bindings?

I currently have Marker Griffon's on all my skis and this would be an annoyance. I plan on emailing Dynafit but I just wanted

to know if anyone knew off hand.


And based off my criteria of a light, walking and performance boot, if anyone has any other suggestions I am all ears.


Thanks for your imput in advance!

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Nevermind I am a noob. Looks like the Dynafit are all AT type boots.


Dont I feel silly now.

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Don't understand.  You want a boot that walks well but you don't want an AT boot.  If you don't AT why do you need a boot that walks well and what size foot do you have in U.S. size?



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Ya rookie mistake. I didnt understand either. I was just searching the Net for a very light boot with walk mode. A true AT boot does not work with my setup.



I am looking for a downhill boot that is light and had a walk mode. Reason being my current are very heavy, cumbersome and tire the hell out of me if I need to take a quick walk to grab a drink or even a short hike off the groomer to take a few smaller drops. I can also afford to pay a premium price to have walk mode to increase my comfort  (if that is an increase in price?!), rather then backpacking my street shoes/boots with me.



I am leaning towards the Tecnica cochise 90 or 100 after talking with another member, I believe they will meet my needs and I have figured out how to size using the guide and my current boots are a minimum of one size to big for me. That is on me for buying from a big box store and taking the guys advice that my shoe size = the exact conversion to mondo.......Should even just wait until I do the 12 hour drive to montana or alberta next season and get fitted before I commit. Would be the smart thing to do.

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Agreed.  I'm in Calgary and can help if you like.  If your heavy boots are tiring you out for the short walk from the lodge to the slopes there is something else going on besides needing a lighter boot.

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Easy lou, easy lol. Im in pretty alright shape. Not a marathon runner but I can hold my own in a long sprint :p


I think it is more of the long walks that annoy/wear on me. Ex: Bigsky/moonlight we had a ski in ski out............was not graded very well half way down thus we had to walk for almost 10-15 minutes down a trail until we hit a grade that would allow us to ski/snowboard all the way to the lifts. Or heading from the Wawa lift to Strawberry, standish or angel lifts. Maybe I just dont enjoy the awkward ski boot walk and feel the need for some more natural movement when I trek? as I stated before the boots I was sold are way to big and that is my fault as it was my first season and I had no clue what I was doing and that may be a huge part of the issue.


That is a good idea. Parkside boul. Bookmarked your site. I am unsure if I will be headed to AB or MT first but you will def be in mind.  

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I don't know what your foot shape is so can't recommend a boot by fit, but the Scott Delirium and the new Rossi/Lange freeride boot both ski great and fit differently.  One may work very well for you.



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