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Binding for Head MYA 7

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My girlfriend ordered a pair of Head MYA 7 with the 'Head MYA 10 PR' binding. The shop now says that this particular binding has sold out, why they are offering her the *Head MYA 9 LR' instead. Neither of us are any good with bindings so don't know what to think. Does it all seems fair or should I try and get some other bindings? I have bought a Head iSS with FF Pro 11 binding for myself. Would these bindings be a better choice for her?


Or am I just complicating things? :)



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My wife skis a pair of Mya 7s.  They came with the PowerRail 10 bindings you described. Ask them if the ski has the PowerRail plate already installed. You could always substitute a PR12 which is a better binding.

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Thanks for the reply!


The shop don't seem to have many bindings in, but will ask about the PR 12. Do you think the FF Pro 11 bindings would work at all? At least I know that the shop have them in store. 

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Although the FF line is a really good binding I'm partial to the newer PR models.  I like being able to play with fore-aft adjustment. 


A question comes to mind.  Head shows the Mya line as coming with PR bindings. If all Mya skis come with PR bindings it seems like either:

  a). They are all shipped flat and the dealer installs the binding.  So why would they offer you the Mya 9 instead if they have a PR for it?

  b). They ship with the binding installed, which would mean the 7 has the plate that the PR attaches to installed and it would take 30 seconds to switch from the 9.


There's nothinbg special about the ski that mates it with any paricular binding. If you're happy with the FF11 go for it.

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Wonderful! Thanks for all the help!

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 Hi, Erki


 How do you like the head i super shapes ?


For safety I will only use knee binding. Mounted based on ball of foot on center of running surface not on manufactures recomended mounting position. With a system bindng it is hard to change the delta angle (hieght of heal compared to the toe hieght of the binding the ski boot sits on)

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Haven't tried my iSS yet so can't tell.


I am still really indecisive about this... Gah!

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Tyrolia/Head complicates their binding line by having 3 different plates to mount the bindings to the ski - Railflex, FreeFlex and Power Rail. The bindings are the same on all three.


Almost all Head skis come with Head branded bindings, but, the bindings are made by Tyrolia. The number in the binding, ie 10, refers to the highest DIN number, so, a Hea /Tyrolita PR 11 would have a maximum DIN release setting of 11. Your girlfriend probably needs no more than around 4 DIN, so there is no benefit to getting a bindings with higher number. I, and many others in Epic, have skied the Head/Tyrolia bindings for years with no issues. There is very little distinction among the various bindings available. I believe the LR indicates that binding uses the Railflex plate. Your FF bindings are the same as I use on 2 skis including the original Head SuperShape.


I agree with Stevesmith7 that there is a slight advantage to the PR series in that the bindings can be moved forward or backward to permit getting the boot in the perfect spot. Newer skiers really don't need that precise a level of adjustment.  If the  price is right, have the LR 9 installed, go ski and enjoy it.

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Hi erki. Because the Mya7 model is designed for carving by advanced to expert female skiers I personally would not recommend downgrading bindings to the Literail 9 instead of the Mya Powerrail 10. The powerrail uses a better plate (floating not fixed) along with a better toe/heel pieces. I have skied this model (demoed the pair from Stevesmith7's wife) in a 163cm length and liked it enough to purchase a pair for my daughter. If you are looking for a pair check out E-Bay, ASO from Canada is offering the 2012 Mya7 skis in 163cm length (only length offered) with Mya 10 bindings for $399 shipped. My daughters skis arrived Friday in perfect condition.  

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