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Salomon 1080 Mogul???

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Has anyone skied on the new (not sure about elsewhere but new in Australia for the upcoming season) Salomon 1080 Mogul? My skis got stolen 2 years ago and I haven't decided on the replacements yet I've skied on the elan MX four Supers, Atomic Beta Ride 10.20 and 9.20 and the Salomon Xscream.

I usually ski on 180s and the 1080 Moguls only come in 171 apparently as the max length. Would this be too short? I ski 50/50 on/off piste and would say i'm an advanced skier.

Would these skis still be good on the groomed when really cranking up the pace and carving long radius turns?

Any advice would be appreciated.

PS recently got some X-Wave 9 boots and they are awesome, comforatble and perform great too.

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Hi - I have skied on the regular 1080's for the past 4 seasons - I went from a 188 Rossi 9S to a 161 1080 - what a blow to the ego... [img]tongue.gif[/img] Seriously, though, the 1080's took me off the steep groomers which was essentially all I could ski with the 9s's, and to all over the mountain - bumps, powder, crud, and still a few groomers here and there. I have had the most amazing fun on them, and although they are not 'cruising' skis, they are very nippy, and turn on a dime.

I have not skied the 1080 mogul specifically, but I have read in reviews that it is not good for much of anything else, so on that, I don't think it is recommended for an all mountain ski.

I just bought a pair of Dynastar SkiCross 10's (again, short at 162) as I want to brush up my technique (I got a little lazy with the 1080's). I loved these skis when I demo'd them, but I would also say to take a look at the Rossi B2 Bandits for next year. They are a little wider, and more flexible than the previous Bandit XX, and it was another ski that I really enjoyed in all conditions.
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Cool thanks, looks like i've got some demoing to do [img]smile.gif[/img]
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