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Hi all, 


I'm hoping to teach with a travelling ski club next season. A big chunk of the skiers in the club fall within the 50-75 demographic. The interesting thing is the skiers in the club get a good amount of hours on snow (pretty common for them to break 30+ days/season) and most talk a lot about moving beyond a 7. Basically, I want to help these skiers surpass the standard we see level 2 CSIA instructors skiing at, and eventually enable these folks to ski advanced parallel turns, do advanced bump runs, etc. But I'm far more concerned with their safety and enjoyment. Not currently concerned with learning issues (time to learn, resistance to change, need for constructivist dialogue, etc). 


What kinds of physical limitations start to present at 50-75 that I'll need to be aware of? Do dangers start to arise around ligament/tendon damage? Is it possible for a 70+ year-old to ski AP safely? How will the skier who started at 60 differ in physical readiness from the skier who started as a teenager? How about vision? Processing time to see and avoid hazards? At what point are older skiers starting to risk heart attack? (I definitely don't want to take them there!)


I honestly don't know how much of my post comes off as silly, concerned, or legitimate--I just have no starting point for understanding senior physical issues other than TheRusty's post about the senior woman who was liable to bleed to death on a bump run. And although PSIA has a senior specialization, there's no such thing in Canada, so any help you wise sages can provide would be great!


Metaphor, are you traveling with them to mountains away from your home mountain, serving officially as an instructor?  Is part of your concern related to the issue of liability and insurance coverage, should someone get hurt while skiing while you are instructing?

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LF, one good CSIA benefit is that members are insured when teaching with member ski schools. Not sure what the coverage is like when travelling outside of Canada with a club, but the club calls it "guiding" rather than teaching. I just don't want to see anyone hurt, ever (which isn't realistic given that people do sometimes get hurt if only through a fluke, even with the best instructors).

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