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Hello boot magicians!


Just a simple question;


Reading Phil´s review on the Krypton Two Pro in the Ski Gear part of the forum, I´m growing curious. I tried on the original Krypton a few years ago, but it seemed much too high in the instep area (shell fit at about 10mm), but the toe box seemed pretty comfortable. 


Back then, I went with the Full Tilt Seth, about the same shell fit, but snugger in the instep, though a touch tighter in the toe box, and been fairly happy with these, except for the cables and all that.


I´ve been skiing Cochise 130s for everything this season, and am fairly happy with these. My main complaint has been the cuff height when skiing lift assisted, and figure I want a full-on race boot again (not necessarily plug fit, but close), with a simple two piece construction. The instep height is a bit much, too, but not too bad. 


(this was just the background)


Now, back to the question at hand;


The Kr Two and the Scorpion supposedly shares the same last, with quasi punches and all, but as the Scorpion is a more classic design, I wonder if perhaps the instep height and toe box volume vertically is different and likely more easily customizable, being a wrap boot and all..


Anyone able to help?


Don´t plan to buy the boot online, really, but I need to narrow down my search. The other candidate is the Solly X130, and Solly usually fits me well, at least in their 98mm last configurations.



Thank you!