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bindings for fischer sceneo s500ti

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Just purchased a pair of sceneo s500ti 170cm ski's and now in the market for some bindings. I am considering atomic 4.12 race bindings because I like the full flex feature and the fact that you can move the binding forward or backward on the ski.This binding comes in 16.5mm lift and 24mm lift, this is where my question come in. Which lift to get since the ski has a 15mm booster on it already? Would the 24mm give me too much lift? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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That won't be too much lift, but....

I've got 2 pair of those bindings and they have sucked more than all my previous bindings put together. If my skis took any other binding, they would have any other binding.

I'd put Look or Rossi bindings on them. I've never had any trouble with those.
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For most skis I would recommend looking at the same brand for bindings to extend your warrant, but I wouldn't for this year's Fischers. This year's Fischer bindings are made by Salomon which wouldn't allow them to use their upper-end bindings. Because of this Fischer is having Tyrolia make their bindings next year.

Personally, I would choose a Rossignol T-Plate Axial binding or a Look Maxplate Pivot binding (these are the same bindings). They provide great performance & are relatively light weight.
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I work for Fischer and Marker as a pro rep,however, don't claim to be a binding expert. I don't believe you want to mount an Atomic binding on a Fischer plate. The heel and toe of the plate are designed to essentially flex with the ski and I think the design of the Atomic binding would preclude that.

I believe you need a seperate heel and toe to enjoy the design of the ski. I sold a great many pairs of 500's to folks this year and most utilized a Marker ES 1400 or 1200.
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I thought one of the advantages of the Atomic bindings was that they would let the ski flex. I think that they have a floating heel which allows them to do that. At least that is what I was led to believe anyway. I haven't purchased any bindings yet and I am open to suggestions. I appreciate the input.

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I have worked in ski shops for over 10 years dealing with almost every type of binding. It has been my experience that Marker bindings prove to be the best in the business. At the other end of the spectrum, I have found Atomic to be the worst. Working closely with racers and testers, I have seen Atomic implode, prerelease, and not release at all. With a lift as high as the one you are dealing with on the Fishers I would recomend a flat binding (unless you want a nose-bleed caused by too much height. A Marker 1200 Flat should offer all of the safety and performance any skier would require.
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skidoctor - It's funny we should have such differing opinions about Marker bindings. I've owned several and will never own another. I've found them to pre-release often despite my cranking the DIN setting WAY past where it should be. I currently ski on Salomon bindings and keep the DIN between 6 and 7. On my Markers, I had the DIN cranked to 10 and they still released on moguls or fast carved turns (gs style).

While I thought this was just an issue with thefirst pair of Markers I owned, I bought a set of Turbo SC titaniums a few years later (ago) and they exibited the same behavior.

As for what binding to use with the Sceneo. I believe the 500 has a riser plate so you don't need a ton of height on your bindings. That said, I'm considering getting a pair of Sceneo S500s and I'll probably swap my Salomon PowerAxes over to it. That should effectively put my boot soles about 2 feet off the ground - heh, heh...
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If you do a search you will find a lot of information on how bad Atomic, Look, Marker, Rossi, Tyrolia, and Salomon bindings are.
Personally, my lousy bindings of choice are Tyrolia.
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Markers have always been known to pre-release, but i do think that they have made some substantial changes in the past years. The way I look at it there a two types of bindings- ones that will allow you to rebound from a near disaster by keeping you in the binding longer, and ones that will allow you to get out asap. Markers are certainly the latter. I recommend Salomon 800 and higher for those aggressive skier who does not want to come out, while I recommend marker for those who are more hesitant and want to release at the sight of danger. In fact, over the past couple of years Marker has come out of the box testing low. I have spoken to the company and this is caused by the fact that the springs have not broken the bearings making them work properly, thus emphasizing that you get your bindings checked even before they are ever skied.
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