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Skiing Lost River Peak Super Gully

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At the risk of being called out for unveiling a hidden gem, I will plunge ahead and provide this TR of my Lost River Peak experience.  I grew up in and around the Tetons in Wyoming and even though I have now lived in Idaho longer than I did in Wyoming, I am still very partial to the Teton range and JH.  Having said that, I'm fast becoming a fan of a mountain range here in Idaho that, aside from the popular state highpoint of Borah peak, isn't very well known outside of the state.

The "Lost Rivers" are located in central Idaho, about a 4 1/2 hour drive from here in Boise.  There are several peaks above 12,000 and even more in the 11,000+ range.  The remoteness and lack of any developed resorts keeps them in relative anonymity, especially in the winter months. 

My Lost River introduction was through a couple of Boise climbers, (How i hooked up with Deb and Tom is a whole other story), who allowed me to join them on a climb of Lost River Peak.  LRP as it is known is one of the Idaho 12'ers and they are on a quest to climb all 9 of them in the state.  I don't know if I'm on that quest yet, but I am always up for a summit that can be skied.  Count me in!

Deb, Cody and Tom on the summit:



I had a great trip, fantastic weather and made new friends.  In addition I got to ski one of the Idaho classic backcountry routes, the Lost River Peak Super Gully.

If any of you are interested, I have additional details and the GPS map/data posted at my Hi-adventure website.

Here is a video that highlights the ski descent:

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great, great, great! You sure are in this quest, you just don't know yet!
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Impressive. Congrats on a successful day!
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Wow.  Nice trip, Cody.  That looks outstanding.


We drove past Borah last September and I was impressed with the whole range.  Pretty lonely country.


And speaking of the Tetons, I took a little hike up Blacktail Butte a couple days ago and took this photo of Buck Mountain.  I thought it might make you nostalgic:



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Hey Bob, the Buck Mountain photo is impressive and does bring back great memories.  It also doesn't look like spring yet in the higher elevations of the Tetons!  smile.gif

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