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Hi everyone... I have a dilemma. My husband and I with our daughters are heading to Keystone at the end of this year for 8 weeks (we live in Australia). I am currently skiing on Atomic Affinity Storm (159cm). I skied on them for a month 18 months ago in Canada, and enjoyed them, however found tighter turns in trees more difficult (that might have been my ability level....!!!). Wondering if anyone has experience with the new rocker tip Volkl Kenja? I am 5ft 8" and 145 lbs - an advanced skier, but not overly aggressive or fast (trying to pick up pace to keep up with husband though!!). Am I being silly in even looking at another ski??? Should I just be happy with what I've got? Can't really afford to have 2 pairs in the cupboard - would sell the atomics if I really felt I could get a better 'all round' ski - powder/trees/groomers/crud/ice etc...maybe I should be looking at something else?? The attraction is that they are here on sale at the moment, and it's sooooo tempting to buy them - the only length they have is 156cm - maybe that is too short for me??? 163cm would be too long I think as I've heard they are a stiffer ski.... Would love your advice... Thanks.