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Atomic r8.18 150

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I am looking to purchase my first ski ( I already have boots - Salomon Xwave 8.0). I am considering the Atomic R8.18 150.
any comments -positive or negative about this ski would be
most helpful.

- strong intermediate to advanced.
- ski 50% groomed 50% ungroomed.
- 137lbs, male, 5' 4"
- ski about 15 days a year

Thanks in advance
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I demoed the 2004 R:8's/170 (I'm 5'9", 160lb) and they were way too soft for me. I consider myself an upper intermediate, and am not one to seek out excessive speed. But even at moderate speed on piste, the ski was fully flexed and it was difficult to control turns.

I know the '04 R:8 is a little different from the prior years' r8:18, but I'd be surprised if they changed the flex by that much.

The R:8's also didn't have the same lively feel and stibility as some of the other Atomic's I tried. It just didn't feel like a serious ski.

I know they'll cost more, but I'd strongly consider moving up to a ski that's designed for upper intermediates or experts. I haven't tried the R:9, 10 or 11, but lots of people have posted good things about them. I can't wait to demo them in the fall.

As they say, best way is to demo them all.

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