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Fischer Worldcup ski selection

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Hi all,

I year ago I picked up a set of Fisher "SC Race" ski's (165cm) which I found to be cool but lacking a bit of speed and stiffness, so I went and ordered some "Worldcup SC" (racing plates, which they all come with now) to satisfy the speed/stiffness.
Now they will be in soon, but im having second thoughts on this and im now tossing up between the "Worldcup SC" and "Worldcup slalom wc" (165 and 166cm). The main reason was the really tight radius on the "worldcup SC" of 10m for 160cm, as opposed to 12m for 156cm in the "worldcup slalom wc". The older "SC race" has 12m for 165cm, but im guessing i'll get a little more stability with the slightly larger radius of the "worldcup slalom wc"
I will never race, but i do like a stiff ski, and prefer a little faster than the older "SC race".

I was just wondering if theres anyone out there that had a ride on both or have ideas on the two that im tossing up between.

Any ideas would be nice.
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I work as a "pro rep" for Fischer and have enjoyed four pairs of the WC SC's in the past three years.

The slalom ski is said to be a little "stiffer" and less forgiving. I have not been on the slalom ski to be quite honest.

I'm curious....how does a plate effect speed/stiffness?
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I forwarded your question to a racer who skis on Fischers. If I get a answer back, I'll let you know. She's out in Colorado now.
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my 0.02

I have a pair of Fischer SC Race 165, the 123 mm tip and I've demoed the Fischer SL race stock. I also demoed Nordica SL race stock, Head SL race stock, Rossi 9S Oversize and next years Atomis SL-11's and SL-9's.

I'll be gladly selling my Fischer SC Race 165 at the end of this season.

IMHO all those other skis I demoed were better short radius hard snow skis then the Fischer SC Race. The best of that gang happened to be the Fischer SL race stock.

With the Fischer SL race stock you felt instant grip at the top of the turn and the rebound at the end. With the Fischer SC Race what I did not like was that the ski only felt as if it had power at the bottom of the turn and by that time you have to release anyway. For what is suppose to be an 11 meter ski it sure didn't feel like it.

Again, my opinion. There are of course many better skiers out there who would not agree.
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I prefer the World Cup SC over the Slalom, simply because I like to relax once in awhile. Compared to the Atomic SL11, the Fischer Slalom is just a real handful. Fun if you're on top of it, not fun if you lose focus.

Either ski is great, and chances are I'll end up with a pair of Fischer Slaloms as well. However, for now I prefer the World Cup SC for all-around fun.
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Hi all, thanks for replying,

Rusty Guy: The plate on there would add some stiffness, but im assuming its main purpose is for the increased stand height. Im going up in the model to hopefully achieve the stiffness and speed.

Max Capacity: Thanks for that, would be nice to see what a racer says.

peak203f: Thats exacly what i thought of the "race SC", it had a somewhat ordinary initial bite, but during the turn it would sit nicely and you could feel it cornering and i didnt really feel anything special about the turn exit. However there is a Worldcup version of the "Race SC" i beleive that is the "worldcup SC", this one might make up a bit of ground. But is it enough or is the "Worldcup Slalom wc" too much or just right!

Alaska Mike: Thats cool, the "Race SC" are kinda like that, you could kinda relax on them but theyre a bit lacking. Looks like im leaning towards the "worldcup slalom wc" just the idea that these might be faster [img]smile.gif[/img]

Thanks all,

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