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Has anyone skied the Kastle XX110 West?

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I was able to find very little information and reviews (the most comprehensive one is on Blister gear review) on the Kastle XX110 West.  I also learned that Phil and Dawg have reviewed it here on Epicski as well.


There are now some irresistible deals on the XX110 right now.  I have heard so many wonderful things about Kastle, and wonder if the XX110 has inherited any of its legendary DNA's.  There are people who absolutely love this ski or hate it because of the symmetrical twin tips design, and I would like to know why.  Some was saying that it is not very stable at high speed and others don't agree...


I am curious how come so few covers the XX110 while the MX88, for example, is so much talked about.  Is it because Kastle is not putting much marketing efforts into promoting it?  Or is it because the XX110 is really sub-par when it comes to the Kastle standard?


I would like to hear more about this, and how it compares to the very playful Armada JJ, for example.  Note that I am only 5'5" and 152 lbs.

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HERE is my review on Kastle's XX West 110 ski. The questions you ask have some validity. I think the reason that the MX88 receives so much good press is that the MX series is much more mainstream where the XX series is a specialized "park' derived segment. As far as being a symmetric twin, I never felt that as being an issue when I tested it, it faired well against other skis in the powder ski segment like the Blizzard Gunsmoke and Nordica Patron. The JJ that you mention is a little more playful with it's 5 point design than the West though. For your size, the XX does ski big and do you need 110 underfoot for float? 

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Well, I am just exploring various options on fat waisted skis. Where I ski, Niseko in Japan, has plenty of powder and it almost snows everyday in the winter. While obviously the XX110 won't be used regularly, it is always handy to have some powder skis around.

Phil, I'm not sure if you have skied the JJ before. Armada is super popular in Japan and we see JJ's all over the mountain. In case you have had experience with the JJ before, how would you compare the two? And how would you pick one over the other?
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Dawgcatching also reviewed the XX's somewhere around here, I recall. I've seen several of them around back here, typically being used on typical "powder" days with 2-4" of fresh rapidly forming into bumps, stashes in the woods. One guy I talked to on the lift, solid freestyle type, thought they were the best soft snow skis he'd ever been on. Didn't mention anything negative about the symmetrical cut, but then again he'd prolly ski switch too. I'd guess that Phil's and Dawg's reviews are pretty solid. I'd also guess that the JJ will be a very different ski. 

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