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Rossi 9s and 9x world cup or power propulsion

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hi im planning on doing some entry level GS and slalom racing with my university or club next season and my shops throwing a big sale for these items i would like your opinion for these skis as compared to some of the other brands such as fischer and if you thought it better that i get the axial bindings or without. would these skis be still bearable for everyday crud busting and powder? thanks
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What are the prices for the 9X?

I have the 2003 9S WC in 150cm and I really like it. The problem for me that the ski is too stiff for me, so I am trying to sell them. If you wiegh over 135lb you should be ok. If you are around 135lb you should probally look for the non WC version.
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Couple more thinks:

Both the WC version are ONLY for racing. Both the 9X's will not be good for powder, but the 9S are good to about a foot of powder. The 9S have a wide tip and tail which lets them float better. You can only get the axial bindings for all rossignol racing skis, but the bindings are great, never had a problem.
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thanks Need BB im about 165 pounds 5-9 by the way.
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ahh yah i saw the prices running about 450bucks for the 9S and i think it was about the same on the 9X im not sure if that is with or without axial bindings ill find out soon
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I have the 9X in the 196 Im 6'2 220 lbs This ski is a fast GS race ski. I call it my superman ski. i can hit speeds that are approaching lift off and still be in total control. It loves ice and groomed but for gods sake if you want to live stay out of the powder and crud.
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I also have a pair of 9S 150cms. 5'10"@180# and I can bend them pretty good. Very stable @ terminal speeds. Watch out these skis will toss you if your not on them. At first I did not dare get off the groom,but now after 20x's on them the skis seem to work well in powder as well.
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Slider would you want another pair? I need to get rid of mine and I can offer you a very good price. See the buy/sell section.
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These two skis are virtually the same except:
The World Cup (WC) version has the required minumum sidecut radius of 21 meters.

The standard version has a 18 meter side cut (deeper.)

If you are bound by FIS rules you have no choice but to use the WC version. If you want a quicker turning, and in my opinion, a more versatile ski, go with the standard 9X.

To really through a wrench in the works, check out next year's 9X Oversize. A very fun , stable GS cruiser that can be skiied very short,(too short for FIS length minimum limits, I think 180cm for next year.)

Check this: http://www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultim...c;f=7;t=000428

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So they are both stiff?
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The 9X world cup is a very different ski from the 9X oversize. The world cup is a laminate construction with vertical sidewalls - no dualtec, pps lobes, no foam core... it is also quite a bit stiffer, and takes more muscle to turn it, and to get energy out of it. When referring to the stiffness, the regular ski may be longitudinally stiffer than the WC, but you also have to take torsional stiffness into account. On any world cup/race stock/race room ski the torsional stiffness is going to be much more than the shelf ski. The stiffer a ski is torsionally the more you can put into it on hard surfaces, but it also requires more effort to engage the edge. The WC will also have a more even flex pattern. All these differences amount to a ski that is designed purely for racing. Its shelf model counterpart usually takes the best qualities and tames them down so that they are easier to ski on. This leads to a ski that can make tight turns without a huge amount of effort, a ski that wont tire you out before lunch, and a ski that wont scare you to death on crowded slopes because it only goes one speed - fast (okay it might go two speeds - fast and faster - talking 25+ mph). The retail model ski is still capable of those mach speeds, but doesnt have to be skied like that all the time.

So to answer the question - yes the ski is stiff- its a race ski of course it is... is it too stiff to be handled? - no of course not. With the proper length and of course ability, any skier should have no trouble with it. You, as a racer BB, shoudlnt be too concerned with the stiffness of the oversize. It is quite softer than the WC 9S that you have been on, and it is a much smoother ride - especially in GS. As i recall from my 9X experience they are silky smooth, and quite fast - i skied a regular retail ski in a 181. Dont be afraid to go short either, a 160 or 167 should be plenty of ski for you. Alot of the girls i race with are on the 167 or 174 depending on their size. If you are an aggressive skier at 135lbs - go with the 167 - if you are still slightly timid in gates stick with the 160. Also if you are running slalom with them you may want the shorter length.


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The sizes that i gave you may not be the correct ones for the oversize - i was using the sizes from the previous 9X (before the oversize). I guess there is a 164 so that may take the place of the 167... not sure but im sure you can figure it out.
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