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Balancing on one leg on a balance board is good. So is doing one legged squats on it.

My son and I, we do a lot of mountan biking, which helps quite obviously... However, the piece de resistance is racing harescrambles or cross-contry, for 5 years now... He's doing well in the provincials, while I suck. However, a few hours of this every weekend will do wonders for your skiing

You're mostly standing up and the bike is maily steered and balanced with foot pressure. The hip and upper body is involved continuously with angulation or inclination, to balance the bike, depending on the turn. The rythm is 1-2 seconds, slalom like. For the mind: the bike has 5 analogous controls that must be mastered all at the same time and synchronized with your body and blancing, so it's a hell of a brain workout. Not looking well ahead at race speeds is not good for your bike... Or your body. Continuously changing terrain, from mud to sand and logs and jumps only add to the fun factor.

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Originally Posted by Jamt View Post

In this video Aksel performs a number of drills that train both strength and balance.


I like the drill starting around 5:03. It is dynamic.



You can see the variety needed to address the two types of muscle/systems. The balance work (tonic group development, synergy development) the dynamic strengthening (phasic groups). Fun stuff to watch, very honest video.


How many hours a week do rec skiers do of this? How lopsided is the training paradigm for most?


Thanks Jamt for that find. Now I have to find those small physioballs to work on:)

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Originally Posted by Blake Saunders View Post
That last video made me wonder if it would be possible to get good at balancing standing up on one of those extra-large inflated workout balls.  I suspect that it would be possible and good for skiing. 




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Thanks for the Svindahl training video, Jamt. It's an eye-opener for any recreational skier. 

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Just starting with balance discs (squats, one legged, eyes closed, etc.) has been good. Lower fall hazard, but they do a lot for balance and you can get to effective work quickly (as opposed to hopping up on small balls that are a lot more advanced).

It probably goes without saying that yoga is mind/body through integrative breathing and is amazing for balance.

MTB of course....
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yes naybreak, i agree--which is one reason i named this thread as i did. it would seem that bringing an awareness to our movements when we work out/train our bodies increases the benefits, as opposed to simply just "going through the motions".
yet another reason to change it helps to keep us engaged, mentally.

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This works too.


My current workout center, and the dog likes it too.



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Stranger, do you like zipper line or short radius turns for that run?

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Originally Posted by LiquidFeet View Post

Stranger, do you like zipper line or short radius turns for that run?

Staying vertical is good.


 Those are a lot like skiing the bumps though: they often move under you, the feel is different with moisture, they are slightly rearranged every day, and you can pull out of your line if necessary.  Those logs are one of the best balance exercises I have ever found, and can be done while walking the dog.

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Originally Posted by NECoach View Post





At the condition that you don't get hurt...

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